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Virgo Scorpio Love Compatibility

When Scorpion meets Virgin there is immediate interest. If romance is in the air, you’ll set the bedroom aflame. Scorpio has an erotic nature and the Virgin has hidden depths. Happily, you will find the journey from passion to commitment surprisingly easy.

Scorpio’s elemental Water mixes well with the Earth of Virgo. You will be able to work and cooperate. Talk is an important issue! Both of you are cautious about expressing your inmost feelings, but, in the end, the Virgin likes everything plain and up front. Thus, you will need to lay your cards on the table eventually, and this is not easy for you. You’re a deep and mysterious being, enjoying privacy and keeping your secrets. Pluto, lord of the underworld, is one of your rulers and few are invited to his hidden kingdom without a serious examination of credentials. Mars also rules your sign, making you a passionate warrior, ready to rise to the important challenges.

As the busy and discerning Virgo is ruled by Mercury, messenger of the gods, you might think you’d have little in common with this active and straightforward creature. However, that’s not the case at all. Even though the Virgin seems plain and practical, there are depths to this being that are hard to plumb. This is because your sign, Scorpio, sits on the cusp of the Virgin’s third house of communication. Thus you may find in the Virgin someone in whom you can confide your secrets and someone you’ll learn to trust over time. In return, the Virgin will give a confidence for a confidence.

Virgo is a creature who does what’s right, something you’ll come to respect. Once committed, Scorpio is loyal, an unflagging ally. The Virgin is a quick-minded creature and loves to analyze where you’re creative and imaginative. Nonetheless, you’ll admire and complement each other. Your incisive perceptions are a good match for the Virgin’s eye for detail.

Scorpio is a Fixed sign, where Virgo is Mutable, so you’ll be able to lead the way and give stability while the Virgin contributes behind the scenes. If you share goals, you can accomplish anything.

The sensual Scorpion is an ardent lover, but jealous and possessive. Don’t let the volcano of your passion erupt into anger, for this is not the Virgin’s style and he or she won’t thank you for it. Discuss a problem. Don’t just silently seethe! Scorpion and Virgin make beautiful music and can work as a team. In romance or business, you share a unique companionship. This is an ideal match.