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Scorpio Sagittarius Love Compatibility

Passionate Scorpion meets venturesome Archer and, while there’ll be fun for awhile, you may struggle to understand each other in the end. Scorpio is a Fixed Sign, so you move determinedly to the core of what you want. You choose secure ground to explore things. The Archer is a Mutable Sign, loving change, excitement and a far horizon. Being Water, you’re emotional, while fiery Sagittarius is drawn to the passions of the mind.

It’s not that your Archer won’t find the encounter stimulating. Sagittarius will try anything once. But you may seek each other out for different reasons. You’ll need to talk about what you want both for yourselves and from each other. You’re proud and secretive and the Archer can talk about anything and everything while ignoring the important subjects.

Mutable signs are evasive and, while the Archer’s freewheeling style may fascinate at first, you could find it irritating before long. If Mars and Venus harmonize, your mutual interest in sex could set the bedroom on fire. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and the word ‘enough’ rarely occurs in Archer’s vocabulary. Just so with you!

Life-affirming Mars and death-dealing Pluto are your planetary rulers, giving you a drive not easily matched in the Zodiac. However, the Archer’s impulsive style might easily lead off in other directions and a slighted Scorpion is a sight most of us wish never to see. Too many whimsical remarks and the Archer may ruefully learn that Scorpio is the god of life and death. Remember it’s the Archer’s spontaneity you first found attractive, but that playful flirting could grate with your grim fixity.

The Archer is independent and will find you intense and possessive. You can lead the parade, for Archer is happy to follow if the journey’s exciting. However, without trust and a long leash, the freedom-loving Archer may be heading for the horizon before you know it. And trust is not your speciality. You won’t hold your Archer in a gilded cage, but you can bring stability to that wayward path if you can give him or her a little space.

Your need for mystery may clash with the Archer’s blunt honesty. And Sagittarius carries sharp arrows to prick any pompous self-importance. The Archer has a temper but cools quickly, where you will simmer and simmer until you explode. Shared goals will help to build a base for what can be a very tricky relationship and the Archer’s vision may be just what you need. Common ground and a long-term understanding will be the road for your union. But it will still be a difficult match. Choose wisely.