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Cancer Virgo Love Compatibility

Virgo, the Mutable Virgin and Cancer, the Cardinal Crab make a fabulous combination. You have an instant rapport that will lead to an enduring and satisfying match.

Virgo appreciates your ability to provide a secure family life, yet you both are concerned with the nurturing and well being of others. Turn your caring sides towards each other and you will turn your shared dreams into reality.

The sexual attraction is high and can be deeply passionate, but Virgo is skeptical of florid declarations of love. You both have strong feelings, although your Mercury-ruled partner is very fond of analysing things that sometimes you would prefer remained gloriously unspoken. Words are the way to Virgo’s heart, so make sure you keep up a good flow of communication.

You like to be in charge, Cancer, despite your fluctuating moods, and the Virgin’s talent for consultation and the practical exchange of ideas can help you stay balanced and productive. You can truly blossom with your Virgin’s steadfast support, but do not take it for granted. The Virgin loves to serve, but is easily miffed. Remember that Virgo will soon have analysed all your weak points and has a cutting tongue that can make mincemeat of your tender sensitivities. You have a wonderful, lunar sense of humour but do not endure barbs lightly and can bear a grudge. That’s another thing the two of you have in common… you both are capable of retaining hurts (both real and imagined) for a very long time.

Cancer is a Water Sign and Virgo is an Earth Sign, so you will be fruitful and multiply. In business,Cancer has a knack for making a fortune grow, while Virgo has the patience for tending to the necessary details. In creative endeavours, you can inspire Virgo, who can be too much of a perfectionist to take the risks needed for success.

Watch your personal habits, for Virgo is very fastidious and can be critical! Virgo is also rather reserved, so be prepared to persevere, and you will find a lifelong friend and ally, who can also reach great heights of sexual attainment.This combination is one of best. You are kindred spirits. It is a perfect match.