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Scorpio Capricorn Love Compatibility

In romance or business or both, this is a powerful combination, one of the best matches in the Zodiac. You have a comfortable and easy affection between you, as if you already know each other well. And, if Mars and Venus favour you, the bedroom will be steamy.

The Goat provides a key element that is difficult to find, a partner you can rely on.Thus, you’ll be tempted to reveal yourself in all your seductive and passionate glory. For a proud and secretive creature, this is a risk. This relationship requires trust and commitment. The Scorpion often likes to taste the whole banquet of life, where the Goat will be more conservative. But, if you two declare loyalty, you’ll be an unstoppable force.

Remember that the Goat will have no patience with a Scorpion that wants to play the field. Unleash the fanatical desire that lurks in your depths and the goatish one will soak it up. Mars and Pluto rule the Scorpion. Conservative Saturn rules the Goat. You can both approach things with determination and realism. Neither of you is scared of tin tacks!

You share a mutual sense of reserve, but each of you will secretly enjoy the fact your other half can penetrate the mystery. Watch that a tendency to jealousy and possessiveness on both sides doesn’t get out of proportion, for both your signs will exact revenge. The Scorpion and the Goat who fall out will need good lawyers.

If you negotiate beforehand, you eliminate problems that may otherwise occur. The elemental Water of Scorpio is well matched with the Goat’s Earth. You can both be practical and share your feelings, but you may have to watch getting bogged down. Keep things fresh. You can help the more reserved Goat open up new depths of feeling. In return, your Goat brings practical assistance and a companionship that lifts you to determined and constructive action.

You’re a Fixed Sign, brimming with loyal determination and you’re drawn to make the best use of joint resources. The Goat is a Cardinal Sign and is ambitious. Goats love control, but point out to them the most effective way to do something and they’ll always give you a hearing. As long as you discuss plans, all will be well.

Share your secrets. Don’t hold back from your Goat. Caps can be strangely canny if you’re hiding something. The two of you can be happy in family, business or romance. Under the right stars, this can be a long lasting and successful union. It’s powerful, exciting and enduring.