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Scorpio Aquarius Love Compatibility

Both Scorpio and Aquarius are Fixed Signs, and when Fixed Signs meet, it’s intense and fascinating. But somewhere along the line a struggle for control will be fought. Passionate Scorpio, a Water Sign, is ruled by forceful Mars, the ancient god of war and seething Pluto, lord of the underworld. Aquarius, an Air Sign, is ruled by structured Saturn, lord of karma and unpredictable Uranus (sudden upheavals; unexpected changes). As Scorpion and Water Bearer dance the dance, a cat is set among the pigeons!

The mask that hides your depths is a challenge for the detached Aquarian. There’s passion and eccentricity in the bedroom, but eventually irresistible force collides with immovable object. The problem is to know which is which.

Underneath, you’re proud, private and guard your secrets. The amused and sometimes bemused detachment of the Water Bearer may not take you as seriously as you’d like. And the Air of Aquarius would rather share a secret than keep one. You’re a creature of mood, where the Water Bearer is a creature of ideas and changing interest. You may find the constant shifts of attention and ideas intriguing at first, but testing over time.

You like to hold a lover close, being jealous and possessive. This will be too much for the freedom-loving Water Bearer, who loves companionship and a variety of friends. Aquarius is loyal but needs a long leash and time for personal activities. If you see that running parallel with your need for privacy, you can negotiate the tricky path of life together.

Sex is a passionate pursuit for the Scorpion where the Water Bearer, though enjoying it, rarely has your appetite. Scorpio can brood or seethe over slights, where Aquarius avoids conflict — as air signs do — favoring detachment. If you erupt in all your volcanic glory, you’ll lose your diffident companion. Aquarius preaches tolerance. Scorpio rarely suffers fools gladly.

The Water Bearer is exceptional among Fixed Signs, loving change and variety, where the general rule inclines you to stick with the familiar. Even so, you’re a risk-taker who likes to push boundaries. You’re not above pricking the Aquarian composure, trying to get a rise. Scorpion insight loves to cut to the heart of things where the Water Bearer rises to the stratosphere of dreams.

If you’ve no common ground of commitment, you may struggle to make this work. The match is challenging. You will need to look for other compatible features in your charts to make it work. For those of you who can compromise and serve a common cause, it can be a truly rewarding union.