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Gemini Virgo Love Compatibility

The attraction of Virgo to Gemini will probably be that of giving the appearance of being solid and dependable, which represents security, and the willingness to do anything for the loved one.

Virgo can provide a scope for the Gemini intelligence, as well as mental stimulation. However, with the passage of time, the Gemini will likely become restless due to the Virgo inability of going along with Gemini’s rather unorthodox ideas and the Virgo’s sensible approach to matters may well prove to be a deep-seated cause of rebellion in Gemini.

In addition, the somewhat petty attitude of Virgo regarding finances will also become irritating and may breed a good deal of resentment. On the part of Gemini toward the Virgo. The critical attitude of Virgo may be another bone of contention, which will invariably cause some distress to the Virgo, particularly since those governed by this Sign seldom recognize this trait in themselves. Due to the Gemini lack of being constant in most things, Virgo will certainly come to doubt the Gemini’s ability for anything but self-love. This could result in a stifling reaction from Gemini to the Virgo’s insecurities and could bring about violent actions on the part of Gemini.

Initially, the physical attraction between these two will be strong, but when Gemini feels that his or her ego is threatened, then it is easy for the Gemini to turn off desire for the person perceived to have given the offense. If the Virgo partner can just give it some time, there is a good chance that things will smooth out. Nonetheless, the approaches to life are vastly different here and mutual acceptance can be difficult to come by…particularly since Virgo tends to be so critical and exacting. The Gemini is sure to strain against Virgo’s ultra-practical stance in the world and the Virgo will certainly tire quickly of Gemini’s flighty ways. Still, there is much this pair can teach one another.

Gemini man and Virgo woman

The match between a Gemini male and Virgo female is quite contradicting as both these partners are very different from each other which at times make them complementing. Virgo woman is born with a heart of gold and she tries to bring some stability to his life. He also tries and induces some carefree attitude in her life. Virgo female is straight-forward and always speaks her heart. When she is in a relationship, she gives it her 100 per cent.

She always takes good care of her Gemini man and manages to fulfill all his demands and desires. Their relationship faces problems because of the critical nature of the Virgo female as she sometimes irritates and annoys her man with her critical remarks. He may also disturb the equilibrium of their relation because of his carefree nature. When it’s going well, this relationship exhibits the best of both air and earth – it is grounded but intellectual; rational but sensual. The Virgo woman may find the Gemini man a little bit too childish at time, and he might find her a bit to stand-offish at other times, but like the outstanding communicators they both are, they are able to whisper sweet nothings again and make it all alright.

Gemini woman and Virgo man

In general it is certain that the compatibility between the Virgo man and Gemini woman will gain a lot of advantages since both of them possess the capability of understanding each other’s emotions and thoughts, even though they are in a long distance. Thanks to their intelligence, they often find it easy to do anything, ranging from work to social relations.

In love, they like to spend their free time in taking care of their family or each other, rather than going with their friends. Sometimes, they can share the different opinions with each other; thus, the arguments can be unavoidable. The best way to stay away from these arguments is that they should be honest with each other, and it will be a good idea for them to respect each other’s attitudes as well as opinions. In addition, as a Virgo man, you should learn the ways to balance your criticism. As a Gemini woman, it will be extremely necessary for you to improve your tactlessness.