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Virgo Sagittarius Love Compatibility

The idealistic but impractical Archer can be quite a challenge for the typical Virgo, so be sure you know what you are getting into before casting your lot with a Sagittarian.

While the sparks of attraction may fly between you, this relationship can quickly become too hot to handle. The two of you can make a relationship work, but first you must acknowledge some fundamental differences between you.

Because Virgo is an Earth Sign and Sagittarius is a Fire Sign, your emotional styles are very diverse. The principle of Fire overwhelming Earth and Earth suffocating Fire is readily demonstrated by the Virgo-Sagittarius relationship! The Archer can be almost ridiculously enthusiastic and idealistic at times, overloading your somewhat milder sensibilities.

You tend to remain very even-tempered and practical, frustrating your Sagittarian lover’s desire for excitement. Sagittarius has a passion that burns brightly but can die out over the long run, while you have a more subdued flame that tends to burn on forever. You’ll need to keep your active Archer interested sexually, or that Sagittarian arrow will soon be aimed elsewhere. However, when you have found a balance, your Sagittarian partner can inspire and motivate you, while you help keep his or her feet on the ground.

Since you are both Mutable Signs, communication is important to you. You are both concerned with truth and honesty, and you each have a desire for reaching goals and achieving self-improvement.You are both natural teachers who want to share information that can benefit others, and here is where you may find your strongest common ground. In family, friendships, or business relationships, the two of you need to work together as a team. In romantic relationships, a common goal or vision can be a foundation to build upon. If you can respect each other’s unique viewpoint and style of expression, you can help each other to be more effective.

In many ways, the two of you are like the ant and the grasshopper. You are unpretentious and prefer a careful, security-oriented approach, but free living Sagittarius will throw caution to the winds, even gambling the future on the turn of a coin. Ruled by liberal Jupiter, Sagittarius is expansive and extravagant, while you seek a simple, orderly life. This combination is generally difficult, but can sometimes work when Moon and Ascendant Signs are harmonious. If other placements support your relationship, you’ll inspire each other to greater heights. As long as both of you understand and respect your differences – and share absorbing interests in common – you can work towards a very rewarding partnership.