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Libra Scorpio Love Compatibility

What happens when Love Goddess comes face to face with Underworld Lord? Intense desire awakens and fearsome passions surge to the surface!

Mysterious Scorpio, a Water Sign, is ruled by forceful Mars, God of War and seething Pluto, Lord of the Underworld. Stylish and sensual Venus rules Libra, the sign of harmony and balance, but even-handed Libra is stiffened by the exaltation of Saturn, so is no pushover. Libra rules the harmony of partnership, weighing ideas, dispensing favour and justice, all wrapped in the most elegant way. Mars-ruled Scorpio is the proud private investigator who lifts the veil on hidden secrets, using penetrating insight to fathom the nature of other people’s business.

Libran charm and Scorpion magnetism are mutually fascinating. You have much to learn from this proud, but sometimes remote being. The boudoir ballet can be steamy, even decadent, for you are passionate beings. Scorpio adores your lightness of touch and desire to please, while you are thrilled by the constant unveiling of sexual secrets. But it’s tricky from here. Your outgoing, sociable mode of communication encounters an impenetrable surface in the Scorpion. You’re a planner, needing debate. The Scorpion is a schemer who spends inordinate amount of time in the secret inner sanctum. You embrace the wide view where Scorpio holds to a fixed belief system. Where you change readily, Scorpio remains obdurate. Your fairness sits uneasily with Scorpio’s capacity for ruthless action.

If you cannot develop good communications, your relationship may flounder. Scales is a diplomat where Scorpio will deliver the verbal sting, and not always as a last resort. Scorpio has the gift of psychic perception and will often read you better than you read yourself. You’re a Cardinal Sign, needing to take charge, but the Scorpion is not born to take orders. Negotiate a pact or end up in conflict with the world’s most persistent creature. Scorpio could give lessons in stubbornness to the stones themselves.

The Scorpion can be strangely patient with your trademark indecisiveness. Scorpio is a Fixed Sign, loyal, devoted and sometimes fanatically jealous. You love your freedom and do not like to be possessed. Trust is needed for your relationship to flourish.

This is a difficult match and will work best if there are business interests in common. Compatible factors such as Moon, Mars and Venus will improve the situation, so if you love a Scorpion, be sure to get a full chart comparison. If it works, you’ll have a devoted companion, but even then you may not always understand the mystery of the Scorpion. Just embrace it.