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Scorpio Pisces Love Compatibility

The attraction of Scorpio and Pisces is irresistible, a union with every chance of success. You and the Fishes are both passionate and loyal, Scorpio, yet it’s easy to enjoy an effortless companionship. Scorpio is a Fixed Sign, so once you’ve made a commitment, you’re devoted. With passionate Mars and investigative Pluto as your life-rulers, you protect your loved one and want to plunge to the deepest part of love.

Pisces is a Mutable Sign, ruled by healing Jupiter and imaginative Neptune. Your Fishes swim ably in and around, giving support and stimulus. Pisces is sensitive, so be careful with that savage sting of yours. However, don’t believe adaptable Pisces is frail or delicate, compared to the armoured husk of the Scorpion. It is adaptability that makes Pisces strong and driven by a determination hard for other mortals to grasp. Fishes swim over, under or around any obstacle to fulfilment.

Consider yourself fortunate if the Fishes commit to you. With lucky Jupiter guiding them, some of that fortune may rub off. You can be a shield that protects your sensitive Fishes from a world which is too much for them to bear sometimes. The Fishes have a gift for bringing out a tender side in you, one others rarely see.

Scorpio and Pisces are Water Signs, flowing naturally together, often seeking a common goal as two streams become a river. Fish and Scorpion communicate subtly, reading each other’s moods and thoughts. You both have the gift of psychic dreaming and may come to know about past or future matters through your dreams. However, make sure you don’t just flow on and on, enjoying your union, but in reality going nowhere. A little Earth and Fire in your charts will ensure a relationship that is grounded and inspiring. Without this balance, you may drift into escapism and fantasy.

The lure of addiction lurks in the shadows of Pluto and the mists of Neptune. Both of your natures are susceptible in different ways. Life together could drift down an indulgent road, unless you work to achieve clarity as individuals and as a couple. Remember that Scorpio’s stubborn refusal to change and the Fishes’ evasive tendencies can get off track. You’re private by nature. Pisces is secretive. If you refuse to face problems, trouble is around the corner. If you address them, there’s nothing you can’t solve together.

You will be devoted to your imaginative lover and in turn, the flair of the Fishes will bring sparkle to your life. Your union has everything from the steamy sensual to the deeply spiritual. Intimate and enduring, it’s a perfect match.