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Cancer Scorpio Love Compatibility

The attraction is utterly magnetic! This connection is so profound you’ll barely be able to keep your hands off each other.

With the sublime Scorpion, the extended sexual bliss is so fulfilling as to be truly transcendent. The two of you should be, could be and would be soul-mates, so long as the time is right.

Cancer and Scorpio are one of the ideal combinations of the zodiac. Because both are Water Signs, the emotional connection is deep and wide. There is an instant rapport between you; this attraction can grow into a deep and abiding love that is based in passion, but reinforced by mutual understanding and soul-friendship.

Mysterious Scorpio, a Fixed Sign, is ruled by passionate Mars, crown prince of desire and seething Pluto, lord of the underworld. Moon-ruled Cancer is drawn to the strength and bridled power of the Scorpion, who in turn finds a refuge in your emotional commitment. Your primitive sensuality is ignited by your Scorpion lover’s dynamic passions and, because you are endlessly loyal, Scorpio’s jealousy is not so easily aroused. Your need to engulf your loved one, your desire to own and possess is not feared by the Scorpion, who feels secure in your warm, cosy abode.

You are both deeply intuitive and can naturally sense what will please the other. Your communication on intimate mode is wordless and so intense as to be almost psychic, even telepathic. This magical world is a mutual joy that the two of you can build, decorate and expand, as the depths of the Scorpion are plumbed and the heights of the Eagle are attained.

One thing you must keep in mind, Cancer. The Scorpion is a complex soul and always retains a secret part of his or her heart, to retreat to so as to be able to mull over serious Scorpion matters. Entrance not for everybody. You too will be kept out of this sanctum, no matter how close you become. Scorpio however has a strong sixth sense and will probably know if you are trying to hide something, so communicate openly and honestly. Beware, unevolved Scorpions are capable of major deception and will accuse you of doing the very things they are guilty of. If you’ve become involved with a dark-side Scorpio, get out while you still can.

This said, your excellent ideas and money-sense will be appreciated by the usual Scorp, who will provide strength and drive when you get tired or lose focus. Your emotional commitment and Scorpio’s profound understanding can form an indissoluble bond. This is a perfect match.