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Leo Scorpio Love Compatibility

The slinky Scorpion will pick you out at a distance,work out a plan of attack, then surround and undermine your ramparts, for the thrill of the hunt is in the Scorpion blood. The bigger the target the better, and the Lion, as King of Beasts, is the biggest target on the veldt. The bold yet straightforward Lion will be instantly fascinated, for the subtleties of the Scorpion are legendary.

You are no sexual slouch, but Scorpio’s sexuality is profound, all-consuming and intense. Scorpio seeks transformation through the sexual experience, so, unlike in your seeding stages, this is never undertaken lightly. Ruled by Mars, the god of primitive action and Pluto the lord of the underworld, the Scorpion mixes primal passion with a profound need to uncover the mysteries of life and death, including and especially sexual ones.

Emotions run deep with the slinky one, whose faculty of intuition is so accurate that those powerful antennae can pick out a prospective partner at first sight. Investigating the deepest mysteries is the Scorpion’s domain. The boudoir ballet is an intoxicating synthesis of the tender and the wild, for the combination of Fire and Water generates enough steam to drive a turbine. Be ready and willing to be consumed, if you want to get the best from the Scorpion.

However, Leo and Scorpio are Fixed Signs, so are closely matched with courage, determination and endurance, though not in subtlety.The clash of two powerful yet utterly different egos can see mighty conflicts should the Scorpion attempt to control you, or fail to pay due homage to your regal personage. These collisions can be resolved in hot bursts of passion, at least in the early stages while the turbines are fired up and driving at full steam.

Despite the magnetic attraction, you’ll soon tire of Scorpio’s jealousy and possessiveness, for temperamental Scorpio has a smouldering fuse, while you are much more outward looking and fond of the limelight. The Scorpion fails to get your need for an admiring audience and constant desire to entertain. Scorpio would rather dominate than admire, and that doesn’t sit well with your regal position. Sex isn’t everything.

For this match to survive, you’ll need to compromise, so get a full chart comparison to see if there are moderating factors at work. If the steam turbine can be harnessed it can supply power for whole communities of lesser folk. If not, you should pick the blossoms and move on.