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Libra Sagittarius Love Compatibility

This scintillating meeting of Air and Fire is loaded with excitement and sparkle. When stylish Scales meets adventurous Archer, the flames of love soon blaze into a wild fire. You more than anything love to love and be loved and your chosen Archer loves to be the lucky centre of your luxurious attentions.

Sagittarius is ruled by expansive Jupiter, so is more restless than you and enjoys taking risks. No Libran is likely to stand in the way of an adventure, though, so the urge to get out and have fun will keep you motivated. Sagittarius will be a great friend, as well a delightful lover. Problems don’t arise very often, but foot-in-mouth Sag can sometimes hurt your sensitive feelings, but on the other hand you can sometimes be a bit too emotionally controlling for the Archer’s liking. Don’t worry though, because your legendary diplomatic skills will soon smooth any ruffled feathers. You both have the ability to forgive and forget.

Sagittarius is a Mutable Sign and enjoys a changing diet. Keep things varied to maintain the interest of this freedom-loving creature. Your domain over the realm of Air excites the fiery but philosophic Archer. You share a world of ideas, beliefs and a diversity of opinions. You’ll love ranging through the topics you agree and disagree on. It may seem that you can live on love and words alone!

Libra is a Cardinal Sign so you love to lead. Mutable Sagittarius is restless but affable and will follow with most things, as long as they’re exciting and there aren’t too many direct orders involved. Don’t get too pompous or the Archer’s arrows will cut you down to size. Archers revel in ideas, but they have the bluntness of the fire sign rather than the diplomacy of the Scales. Make allowances.

This match can be successful socially, artistically, romantically or just enjoying life’s endless parade. Be careful of extravagance. Work out how to tie the purse strings in this relationship for prudence and economy don’t come naturally to either of you.

The Archer is a creature of action. Try not to spend too much time making up your mind, for vigorous Sagittarius loves to get on with it. If you allow the Archer’s verve to inspire you, you can climb to great heights together. Both of you have two different sides to your nature, so you’ll need to be careful about staying in harmony with one another. Understand all the facets of your fiery partner’s nature. Let the Archer see you as you are. Trust comes through honesty with Sagittarius. Enjoy! This is an ideal match.