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Sagittarius Pisces Love Compatibility

Imaginative Pisces and adventurous Sagittarius are both signs that are ruled by Jupiter, the expansive planet of dreams and broad horizons. Sagittarius, a Fire sign, expresses the philosophical and travel-oriented side of Jupiter, rolling readily from one escapade to the next, while Pisces, a Water sign, is inclined to be inward-looking, expressing the deeper, more spiritual side of this marvellous planetary power. Pisces is drawn to your marvellous Sagittarian life-force, while you are attracted to that lovely Piscean spirituality.

Sagittarius and Pisces are both mutable signs, so you approach the relationship as equals, with neither of you attempting to control or dominate the other, as you set about changing the world to suit your vision. Pisces is inclined to try save the world through loving service, especially through such down-to-earth methods as recycling, standing up for the downtrodden, or environmentalism. You, on the other hand, prefer to broaden your horizons through cultural pursuits, travel and academic achievement.

The mutable signs (Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces and Gemini) are very outgoing, sociable and flirtatious, but generally like to have someone stronger to fall back on in a crisis of confidence, which will arise from time to time. Pisces loves to aid you with your work and you in turn can help your dreamy Fish turn vague ideas into realities. The way that you can each supply what the other lacks is the mainstay of the relationship, but since you both love to travel, this can add a dimension of mutual interest to the mix that is very satisfying.

Sexually, the mix of fire and water gives a steamy atmosphere, and there is no more loyal and caring lover than a Piscean. This said, the need of the Fishes for emotional and sensual reassurance can lead to emotionally destabilising flirtations and dalliances. Since you well understand the need for sexual variety, you can forgive these fishy indiscretions and will barely give it a second’s thought as you focus on your next big project.

The problem is that emotional Pisces is looking for more than sex for its own sake, while the restless Archer is quite at home with the idea. When it comes down to it, Sagittarius needs a pal and Pisces needs a dream lover — and it’s hard for these two goals to be easily resolved. Ideally you’ll find a cause in which you both believe and this will give you a port to turn to when the inevitable storms blow in. This is a good match, but needs some external support to save it from dissolving