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Taurus Sagittarius Love Compatibility

When these two signs from the zodiac come together, their bond can be extremely passionate and erotic, but the only catch is they must give themselves the time and space to learn about the kind of direction that this relationship will move to. These two Signs view life quite differently.

Taurus tends to be calm and hands on, which balances out the Sagittarius’s fidgety self. Taurus and Sagittarius is has very little in common with both desiring or delving towards the path of conciliation, thus, a tough match. The Taurus partner is watchful, friendly and hands-on, but envious and possessive, while the Sagittarius partner is careless, positive, and straight. The priorities of Taurus is a good home and family life, and a successful professional life, on the other hand a Sagittarius is elevated, involving a search for facts and fairness, with learning and travel on the agenda.

Taurus is an Earth Sign and Sagittarius is a Fire Sign. Sagittarius requires their independence to move around and to sip from the nectar of life; on the other hand, the Taurus is generally stable and grounded in reality. Taurus is a Fixed Sign and Sagittarius is a Mutable Sign. Taurus is bull headed; once they make up their mind, it would take a lot of convincing from your end to get them to change their mind set about the decision or opinion that they have made. Sagittarius desires to have choices. And if this impulse to try something new turns into a new found love of experiencing new mates, Sagittarius should beware as Taurus does not compromise on indulgence; and the Taurus would find his or her partner cheating. He/she will get badly hurt and even the relationship may not survive for long.

Taurus Man and Sagittarius Woman

Taurus is Earthy and Sagittarian is fire. Like in all relationships the beginning is worth living until they have spent some time together. A Taurus man likes to have a steady grip on life whereas Sagittarian woman out going and easily gels well with all and likes to going for parties and, making new friends and being a part of social strata. Whereas a Taurus man is somewhat reluctant at socializing and being open to others like her partner. Actually as a couple you would share some common and contrasting traits. You two as a couple would indeed be very different individuals. A Taurus man wants to be well informed about what has been going on in his absence and this upsets a Sagittarius woman.

You both always have something to learn from each other. She will like to spark up the slow and steady Bull and this may really upset him as he will compromise in anything but with his laziness. The Sagittarius female would feel gratified by learning certain technique and practicing the same over and over to get perfection in it. The relationship between the two and flourish and prosper only when the Sagittarius woman is ready to stay committed to the relationship and is not trying get adventurous. The man has to allow the freedom that she looks forward to in pursuing what wants and the woman has to respond to the man’s demand positively by just abiding by it like a slave, At the same time if the woman can convince the man to move out on this adventurous trip their relationship would reach new heights and they would help each other explore certain qualities that they are not even aware about themselves.

Taurus Woman and Sagittarius man

The Sagittarius man’s personality creates a flutter of hope and excitement where ever he is. They are generally very candid and happy people who are generally very excited about something or the other in life. He knows his goals well and the directions to achieve them as well. The Sagittarius man is capable of an impressive size of love and affection, and yet prefers to give it the best shot when it is not expected or required from his lover.

A Taurus woman is an individual who is firmly grounded and always knows what she up to is. She is generous and kind and has a strong ability of taking care of her dear ones. Both are totally different from each other. Sagittarius being a mute sign is easy to adapt or mold himself in his surrounding and situation whereas it is difficult for a Taurus personality to be susceptible to changes quiet often. Since she loves his exciting and outgoing nature, it is easy for Taurus woman to get attracted to Sagittarius adventurous qualities. Whereas Sagittarius man is drawn to her brains and beauty both. But sooner or later he may get bores as he needs excitement and versatility which he finds missing in his Taurus partner. Sagittarius man will attempt to leave the family but will return several times. He will try to “tickle” Taurus woman’s self-esteem, causing her to feel jealous. The opposite attitudes are not supportive of each other instead these two opposites create friction and frustration which will increase by the time. Each will need a lot of time to understand the other.