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Cancer Sagittarius Love Compatibility

On the face of it, the restless, freedom-loving Archer and the conservative, home-oriented Crab have little in common. You share a fondness for travelling and an interest in other people, but Cancer seeks emotional sustenance, where Sagittarius is looking for adventure and the lure of the new.

Yet scratch a little deeper and some curious similarities appear. Fiery Sagittarius is the home of Jupiter, the planetary lord of healing, expansion and philosophy. Sensual Cancer, a Water Sign. is ruled by the changing Moon. Mix fire and water and you risk creating a soggy mess, but remember that when properly harnessed this mixture can create enough steam to drive a locomotive. Give each other plenty of room to move. Jupiter is optimistic, outward-looking and expansive, but the moody Moon is nurturing, inward-looking and growth-oriented. However, Cancer is the exaltation of Jupiter, so this mighty force leads both you and your Sagittarian charmer on a spiritual journey. The different ways in which this energy comes out mark the complementary facets of this otherwise unlikely pairing. Jupiter is expansive; the Moon nurtures growth. Jupiter seeks philosophical enlightenment, but the Moon waxes and wanes, so Cancer’s awareness expands through harnessing deep, almost psychic powers of intuition. Help each other explore the missing parts of yourselves.

This combination of growth and expansion and of masculine and feminine energy can sustain the relationship, but seek to develop mutual goals and work together on projects you can share, so that the energies can be put to work instead of degenerating into jealousy and restlessness.

Your sensuality and romantic imagination arouse the Archer, who is a risk-taker but really quite cerebral, unlike you. Basically cautious and emotional, you find it hard to meet on common ground with this adventurous loudmouth. If you love a Sagittarian, and want the relationship to grow, give the Archer plenty of room to move and maintain a light-hearted strength, a strong home-base to which this gadabout can return when he or she tires of chasing rainbows.

Sag can be very tactless, so resolve not to take offence at some typically gauche remark that your fiery friend might blurt out at the most inappropriate moment. The Archer’s need for freedom and independence can be quite threatening, for stability and security are more important to you. Do lots of travelling together, but keep a secure home to return to and these issues can be balanced and resolved, especially if there are more compatible elements in your charts, such as Moon Sign, or Rising Sign. Otherwise it’s a long road to nowhere.