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Libra Pisces Love Compatibility

The Scales and the Fishes are an unusual match, but the attraction between you can be intense. Air and Water don’t mix easily, so you’ll have to be attentive to the Fishes’ needs even though you won’t always understand what they are. It’s by no means an easy match, but when it does work, it has a special quality.

Sexually the Fishes are delightful and deliciously eager to please. Pisces will swim to the darkest depths, yet happily splash with you in the shallows. Venus is strong in both Signs, but Pisces has a delicate beauty or an air of mystery, thanks to the Water element and the influence of mysterious Neptune and healing Jupiter. You can readily appreciate this and so find Pisces fascinating. Pisces in turn appreciates your tender touch, keen sense of style, and your grasp of the nuances of human relationships.

Both of you have hidden sides, so you find comfort in a private world. However, in the world outside, the rules may change. Where you like to discuss, agonize and ponder, Fishes keep secrets and need solitude. Pisces does not always want you to penetrate the depths. It’s a mysterious and emotional sign, so if you don’t come to love the mystery, you won’t have a road to travel.

Still, the Fishes are talkative and humorous, so you have common ground to work with. Your gifts lie with the mind, where feeling is strong for the Fishes. You’ll have a lot to discuss if you have a mutual interest in the arts or cultural activities. Both of you are dreamers in different ways and both idealists.

Your structured, stylish Venus (from the exaltation of Saturn) meets the dreamy, romantic Venus of the house of Jupiter and Neptune. Your relationship has a strong chance of success if you share beliefs. If you don’t, extravagance or squandering will be a problem.

The Scales is a Cardinal Sign and a leader where Fishes are Mutable and can easily work in and around another. Where you lead, the Fishes follow, but adaptable Pisces won’t be pushed too hard. Overdo control and Fishes swim away. They’re stronger than they look.

A Pisces partner can sympathize with your bouts of hesitancy. They too suffer fears, worries and indecision. Pisces feels compassion for the state of the world, so your Fish can easily empathize with the social causes that move you.

You don’t combine easily, but this match can be something special if you come to understand one another. Pisces however, is notorious for selecting the wrong partner. If you don’t gel, the attraction between you may be squandered or just fade away.