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Libra Aquarius Love Compatibility

This meeting of two Air Signs has many joys, for Libra and Aquarius have much in common.You’re creatures of the mind, enjoying expression and communication. You both have concerns about justice and fairness. You enjoy libra and friendships, avoid conflict and live a life that reflects your compassionate views. Aquarius is strong and stable, yet adventurous and willing to break new ground. That cool, calm intellect and love of discovery is truly fascinating.

Your first encounter is vivid and exciting. Aquarius delights in any new form of sexual expression (the more far-out the better) and you are fascinated with relationship in all its forms, especially with such a delightfully quirky creature. The boudoir banquet is full of delicious new flavours and your sexual communication is as close to ideal as you could hope for. You like the way each other’s minds work and share interests in music, theatre, and the arts. Of course, you both love parties and are interested in other people. A warning though: your tendency to idealize love and the loved one may become a little cloying for the emotionally detached Water Bearer. Your challenge will be to bring this distant, intellectual lover more into focus in the here and now, rather than viewing life and love as one ongoing experiment.

Libra is a Cardinal Sign and so will gravitate to a position of control. Aquarius is a fixed sign and will resist a direction set by others. The Water Bearer is delighted by your style, panache and sociability, but Aquarius loves freedom, where Scales loves involvement – so there is more to be worked out here than meets the eye. You have encountered one of the world’s most stubborn creatures. If you try to boss your Water Bearer around, you’ll lose a loyal companion. Aquarius enjoys discussion, but has only a limited interest in the indecision to which you can fall victim. Don’t always expect your Aquarian lover to participate in your personal concerns. The Water Bearer needs the freedom to move about and prefers the lively debate of a changing diet of interests.

Two Air Signs can have trouble with grounding. You’d be wise to check your charts for a measure of practical earth energy to see if you’ll be off on a cloud, or if you can actually get things done.

In your Water Bearer, you have not only a genuine eccentric but also an enigma. At one extreme the Water Bearer will flout convention. At the other, Aquarius is conservative, since rebellious Uranus and sober Saturn both rule this sign. Your judgement as to how to handle matters between you will be extremely important. In many ways, this is a perfect match, but you will need to recognize the subtle differences between you to make it work in the best possible way.