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Gemini Leo Love Compatibility

There is a genuine warmth between people of these two zodiacs, and they share a taste for the dramatic and for both entertaining and being entertained.

Leo is usually sunny and upbeat, and has a fun-loving, child-like side that Gemini brings to the fore. Gemini is humorous, witty, and rather detached emotionally, able to see the funny or ironic side in any situation, and often unable to resist joking even at the most inappropriate times. Gemini doesn’t take life too seriously.

This can be offensive to Leo, for Leo has a strong sense of pride, a need to be appreciated, and, yes, taken seriously at least sometimes! Gemini and Leo may seem to be made for each other, but that depends on their attitudes towards one another. Gemini might excel at flattering Leo, but also at teasing. Leo might enjoy Gemini’s company like a king needs his jester, but can also be offended by Gemini’s lack of reverence. Still, they have a chance of making a splendid couple for as long as it lasts.

That’s as long as they can maintain mutual appreciation and attraction – something quite unpredictable in their cases. Their love is not exactly passionate. It’s more like a game or a play. Two performers pretending, but making it feel real to both. And they do derive pleasure from it. If they break up, Gemini is probably the one leaving and Leo the one remaining, mainly because the former is faster than the latter and doesn’t mind a change. They could stay friends, but probably lack the patience for it.

Gemini man and Leo woman

Gemini man Leo woman compatibility is strong mainly because the Leo woman gets the sense of control that she feels she needs and Gemini man looks like is just moving along and getting along. The problem is when there are certain triggers in the relationship, especially in the form of a Leo woman going too far that triggers the Gemini man to act like a true Gemini. Sexually, this is a playful and boisterous combination. The Leo woman is passionate and likes drama in her sex life; her Gemini buy is always interested in anything new, and will be happy to oblige.

The Leo woman likes her man’s attention…. ALL of it. In sex he will have to refrain from being lighthearted and aloof. This woman likes passion in every sense of the way. She wants candles and oils, and silk sheets……. oh my! Show up both mentally and physically for you love sessions and you will be just fine Gemini. She is a firecracker in the bedroom, and as we know air feeds fire SO FEED HER! Sweep her right off her royal feet and carry her to the bedroom in an act of romantic passion. Gemini can act and show a totally different face and this can really unsettle Leo and bring out the aggressive and unreasonable side of the Leo. Instead of making a decision based on rational thoughts they make rush decisions.

Gemini woman and Leo man

When a Gemini female gets attracted to the charming personality of a Leo male, they create a very positive association. The compatibility of this pair ranks high. Ability to freely communicate with each other is the strongest pillar of their relationship. She is a free bird who becomes his best friend for life.

Their relationship is blessed with a comforting zone for both the mates. With the Leo man’s fire and passion meeting the Gemini woman’s imagination and sense of fun. Wherever else the relationship may falter, these two are unlikely to ever get bored in the bedroom. Gemini woman understands her Leo male and does everything to make him happy and keep him safe. She is a wonderful companion to him who protects him from the world. He admires his lady and warps his arms around her to keep her safe. He is a marvelous lover who promises to keep her happy.

The beauty of their marriage lies in their understanding. They know each other and admire each other’s qualities. It’s always going to be the Gemini woman who has the upper hand in this relationship and the Leo man, used to being the boss, will struggle with that notion. He can control many things in life, but the Gemini woman is not one of them. Since he is a deeply loving and sincere man, however, once he falls in love with a Gemini woman, the Leo man will give her his whole soul.