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Gemini Aquarius Love Compatibility

Gemini and Aquarius have a lot in common. Gemini is all about ideas.

These Gemini signs are very touchy-feely. They like to look at the world as one big open field of possibility. They like to look at the world as this very fascinating and wonderful place.

The rise of Taurus in Gemini means that it is going to be an interesting and challenging year you should expect quite a number of Gemini and Aquarius flare-ups. Whether we are talking about friendship or romantic relationships, there are going to be quite a number of difficult times for Gemini Aquarius relationships. The key to a positive match between Gemini and Aquarius is understanding each other at a very deep level. It’s all about knowing each other. It’s all about drawing lines. As a result, Gemini and Aquarius matches bode well for friendships and relationships provided that these relationships are entered into by mature people.

When it comes to other types of match-ups, well it’s anybody’s guess. The year ahead will bring a lot of stress for Gemini Aquarius couples and when Aquarius people are under a lot of stress, they can become very irritable. Gemini on the other hand, can become quite flaky and are easy to misunderstand as being two faced or disloyal. Gemini and Aquarius both belong to the element air, which is that of thought. Together they will certainly make this obvious.

They enjoy the erotic ingredient in the relation, but the communication actually means much more to them. The penetration of each other’s mind. That’s the intimacy they really appreciate. At length, Gemini might find Aquarius too gloomy and Aquarius finds Gemini too shallow. If they break up, though, it’s most likely because one of them – or both – find love elsewhere. Probably, they remain friends with no hard feelings.

Gemini Man with Aquarius Woman

Gemini male doesn’t take too long to fall for an Aquarius female. This couple ranks wonderfully high on the compatibility they share with each other. Gifted with common interests and likings, both the partners find it really very easy to get along with each other. Together, they are able to add more fun and entertainment to their life as they are able to enjoy every moment spent in each other’s company.

Aquarius woman is the perfect partner for Gemini man and vice-versa. Friendship is the most important pillar of their relationship which nurtures their flower of love. With the passage of time, both the partners grow and are able to create a much mature relationship. She understands him completely and is always there to support him in whatever he does. He also cooperates with her in every phase of life.

Gemini man and Aquarius woman enjoy a balanced sex life. Their similar physical needs, expectations and desires help them in taking their relations to another level. They are passionate about each other, both physically and mentally which makes them a happy couple. The marital association of a Gemini male and Aquarian female is beautiful. It may not be a very romance centric marriage but companionship and friendship are the most important ingredients of their relation.

The couple doesn’t need to look for topics to initiate a conversation as they are able to enjoy a smooth conversation every time they start to talk.

Gemini Woman with Aquarius Man

Aquarius man and a Gemini woman increases because of the fact that their expectations are very similar and they also have similar outlook.

The good communication skills and the similarity in intellect will mean that they would be able to understand each other better and develop mutual rapport. Due to similar nature they will be able to share all social activities together and also have same kind of thought process and viewpoints on any topic. There would be differences between these two zodiac signs but will not be severe enough to harm their relationship.

Both like to live a life which is full of excitement and changes. Such similar nature will help to strengthen the bonds. The other things similar between them are inclination towards an adventurous life and learning new things in life. These common personality traits will help in making the relation a long lasting as well as successful one. There will always be some problems in their relationship but if they are eager to make the relationship remain joyful then they will have to adapt to new situations and accept decisions taken by their partner.