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Aries Gemini Love Compatibility

Gemini loves to discuss absolutely everything in great detail and to constantly evaluates and second guess which course of action to take. Aries, on the other hand, just does it. If Aries forgets to consult Gemini over what should have been a joint decision, or if Gemini infuriates Aries once too often with their indecision, that could spell the end of this relationship. For Gemini and Aries, compatibility can depend entirely on the mood of the day or on how stressful day to day life is for the couple.

Aries Man and Gemini Woman

A man of few words, Mr. Muscle Aries Man is likely to be fascinated by the live wire fairy who has chosen to cast her magic spell. Her conversation is likely to charm him as does the sound of her vocal chords. What they enjoy is togetherness and living in the here and now. Gemini gets elevated by the jovial temperament and Aries is anyway under the spell of the magic which would happen from time to time anywhere and everywhere.

As for the Gemini woman, her mind is always on a roller coaster ride and she has many things to do at a time. This skillful attitude of hers attracts the Aries man who is always in a search of something and exciting. Gemini woman is blessed with a vivacious personality, versatility and her wits are always substantial. Being in love with an Aries man always provides the warmth to Gemini’s air essence and she adores this man throughout her life.

In solving problems, an Aries man always goes ahead, not acknowledging alternative routes and fallbacks. He usually looks forward to success, not wasting time thinking about possible solutions. Gemini woman as a dual zodiac sign, is inclined to scrupulously and carefully consider all possible ways. She very often doubts in choosing the right tactics, and may even go back on her word if she thinks that the game is not worth it. Aries man everywhere strives to be a leader, to manage a situation, to be defiant and even provocative in his decisions. In joint activities, it often happens that an Aries man leads and a Gemini woman disclaims any obligation to solve anything.

The recommendation to save a marriage, it is necessary to supplement the relationship with fresh ideas and joint activities from time to time. Aries man should accept the intrigue of the second Gemini in his woman, which creates her image of aura of mystery and puzzles. Gemini woman should not try to change the Aries man, but most remain vibrant, attractive, lively, spontaneous and fun-filled – the way she was when they first met.

Aries Woman and Gemini Man

The relationship between a Gemini man and an Aries woman is a lively one indeed. Both partners are full of life, and both like to be active and on the go the whole time.

Both the Aries female and Gemini male soulmates are passionate lovers, and his ability to create romantic fantasies can help to fuel her need for diversity in their lovemaking. Plus, being ruled by the planet Mercury means he is great at communication, and will express his love and admiration of her which she will demand on a regular basis. The only problem that could arise in this Aries woman Gemini woman relationship is his tendency to become swept away by the moment.

As the calm and airy Gemini feels a connection with the fiery Aries they can work very well as team in all aspects of life. Both of them enjoy the commonly shared love and affection but for Gemini, their freedom is above the security provided by love while for Aries love is just a synonym of life.

An Aries woman wants her lover to be present and engaged in the raw sexual pleasure, not lost in some illusion he’s created for them. But if she can learn to sometimes join him in the fantasy, and he can practice living in the moment. Then there will be no end to the satisfaction the Aries woman and Gemini man can sexually enjoy in bed.

A Gemini man always provides an Aries woman with a calm and collected partner who has a mental rationality of her equal or rather even more. Aries are rulers of the head, while Gemini’s rule the mind. This causes the mutual attraction between them.

The Aries woman and Gemini man lack restraint in the area of love between the two of them. They are very fulfilling and rejoicing couple. He admires the intellect and courage of the Aries woman, the possessiveness and jealousy of this woman hampers his liberty making him feel uncomfortable and bounded. Though she also esteems hid level-headedness, his carefree nature makes her feel unwanted and unprotected leaving her cold and detached. To make the relationship actually work he has to be more considerate and she needs to leave her fears behind to fly freely with her cheery Gemini man.

Advices to them is to understand each other’s feelings and subject themselves to self-criticism of their behavior. Only a productive dialogue between the two loving hearts can save them from the sharp edges of their relationship.