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Gemini Cancer Love Compatibility

There are a lot of elements which are common between people of these two zodiac. Therefore; they can get along with each other quite well.

Gemini are often criticized for maintaining dual face and having double standards. It is very common for the Gemini to show their different self at the instance of an event or situation or could be because of certain triggers. The reality is that it’s always been there. The reality is that this aspect of the Gemini in your life was hidden in plain sight. While Cancer, projects themselves as tolerant, tough and responsible personalities.

As result of this they can appear professional and can look very upright, but remember this only a pretense deep down they are filled with self-doubt, insecurity, petty jealousies and other issues. Partner who are in this relationship are moody in their own way. People from the Cancer Zodiac are quite infamous about being emotionally unstable because of their wild mood swings. On the other hand a Gemini is indecisive and has a lot of control over there mood and has the ability to change their mood within no time.

And you would be horribly wrong to assume that this would give the couple some tolerance for one another. Cancer views Gemini as insensitive and cutoff. Gemini thinks Cancer needs to lighten up and enjoy the world a bit more – unfortunately for Cancer and Gemini compatibility, these two partners do not appreciate the reasons for one another’s moods, and are therefore likely to irritate one another.

Gemini Man and Cancer Woman

The Cancer woman would appeal to the Gemini man because the Gemini man sees in her the woman who can help support and take good care of him. This gives him a sense of freedom to pursue what stimulates him mentally. But the cancer woman might think of the benefit that she would have in this process.

It is a workable relationship, and it is possible only when the Gemini man makes it a point to offer his Cancer woman the required love and respect. A cancer woman will wait for the Gemini man to get the financial security but in the core of her heart she would want to settle down with this man and start a family right away. These partners will bond better if the fickle minded Gemini decides to stay indoors and spend time with his homely Cancer woman.

She is not comfortable with too many guest at home. On the other hand the man needs to feel that he is loved instead of just the part where he is made to realize about the same because this is important for the long-term relationship. Though cancer woman is very reserved but she would command respect if she is able to get out her shell. For the Gemini man and Cancer woman, compatibility also means juggling their very different priorities. For the Cancer woman, her home and family is her absolute top priority, every time.

Gemini Woman and Cancer man

There is a lot of charisma in a Gemini woman which would attract a cancer man and these can be her lively nature, her friendly attitude and her ability of being all ears in a rendezvous. On the other hand the Gemini woman is quite attracted by the romantic personality that a cancer man could be and the way he would display her love and care for her.

They are quite different from each other which is almost being poles apart. Gemini is mutable and an air sign, while Cancer is Cardinal and a Water Sign. Gemini woman would prefer to hop around and talk about what is there on her mind expressing her dreams and fantasies. On the other hand a Cancers woman would keep things to herself do not enjoy expressing herself about what their secrets and prefer to run the show silently.

They do not engage in the process of announcing their presence like the Gemini, but they are still running the show quietly behind the scene. Money can be an issue too, tied up with issues of emotional security. It’s very important to the Cancer man that he knows where the next penny is coming from. Not so for the Gemini woman, who will happily rely on her wits and charm, confident that she’ll get by even if she doesn’t quite know how right now. The Cancer man and Gemini woman will have many disputes over finances, and the Gemini woman will quickly start to feel that her freedom is being clipped.