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Taurus Gemini Love Compatibility

When members from these two horoscope come together they should first understand the essentials of relationships and then start the relationship taking in to consideration each other temperaments. They both have much to offer one another and much to learn in this relationship, but it will take a bit of adjustment and effort on both sides. Gemini’s Symbol is the Twins; this Sign can often be of two minds about things. If possessive Taurus is able to let go and give one Twin the relationship security and intimacy it wants while allowing the other Twin its freedom, things will go well between these two.

Taurus’s placid, real time approach to life differs greatly from Gemini’s lighter, intelligent approach. This can be a difficult ball game, since Gemini may see Taurus as a bit gloomy while Taurus may see Gemini as inconsistent and lacking in matter. They have much to explore about one another, however: Taurus can help Gemini become more intensely involved in life; Gemini can help Taurus add multiplicity, fun and delight to their life.

Taurus is ruled by the Planet Venus (Love) and Gemini is ruled by the Planet Mercury (Communication). Since both of these Planets are close to the Sun, they’re always in the same neighborhood even though they’re very different. Venus is all about physical pleasures, romance and sensuality. Mercury has both masculine and feminine energy, and Gemini takes on whichever energy best serves at any given moment. Taurus is just looking for a dependable, sensual partner, so Gemini’s brilliance may be lost on the Bull.

Taurus is an Earth Sign and Gemini is an Air Sign. Both Signs must strive to stay open and flexible in order to make this union work. Though Gemini seems unpredictable, Taurus can learn to understand that although Gemini may flirt, the relationship is still important to them. And though Taurus seems overly stubborn, Gemini must use their flexibility to bend to their partner’s will on occasion.

Taurus is a Fixed Sign and Gemini is a Mutable Sign. Taurus tends to focus on one thing, person, and idea at a time, while Gemini moves from one thing (or person) to the next according to impulse. Taurus must provide Gemini with ample independence and breathing space — and try to learn Gemini’s lesson, that versatility is sometimes better than a Fixed determination to do things one’s own way.

Taurus Man and Gemini Woman Compatibility

The Gemini woman possesses a brilliant intelligence that the Taurus man finds irresistible, and their conversations will run the gamut on a myriad of topics. Her creativity is intriguing to his curious mind, and she may help to bring him out of his comfort zone.

In turn, the Taurus male will help to ground her and begin the wild ideas that she sometimes does not have the willpower to complete. Both the Gemini woman and Taurus man in love can learn from each other if the attraction is strong enough.

The bull is possessive and lusty, not liking to share his things with others. Gemini shares everything with everybody like the social butterfly she is, so there is bound to be friction and jealousy from time to time. He goes crazy even when she shares information he feels proprietary about.

They make a great pair, very devoted to one another. It’s a relatively low maintenance relationship. They focus on a good life and enjoying their time together.

The Gemini and Taurus love compatibility will take work inside their home as well. He enjoys a comfortable lifestyle while she is unpredictable and out seeking new opportunities. She tends to be messy and distracted, which can drive her neat and organized partner crazy.

Gemini runs around the bull, who ambles slowly down the beaten path. It’s really hilarious. Gemini will relive every moment of their courtship telling her sister and her best friend (at least) so she doesn’t get too bored waiting for him to make the next move. One thing for sure. Whatever he does or says, he means it, to the end of the earth.

Gemini is a mutable air sign whereas Taurus is a fixed earth sign, the Gemini woman Taurus man compatibility gets a two Hearts rating. If the Taurus man allows her the space she needs to roam and the Gemini woman understands his need to stay home, they can take turns making their lover happy forever.

Taurus Woman and Gemini Man Compatibility

The most fundamental difference between these two partners is the speed at which they live life. The Taurus woman is cautious, deep thinking and slow to change. She likes stability and the status quo. The Gemini man, on the other hand, lives life at a breakneck speed. He thinks fast, moves fast, decides fast and reacts fast – and his patience could quickly be tried with his much more staid Taurus woman. When the Air and Earth try to blend physically, the Earth needs Air but Air loves to flow freely. Therefore, the Gemini man has a much more casual approach to sex than most men do, which can be a particularly bothersome problem from the Taurus woman, who needs a strong physical expression which is both rich and passionate. His form of showing affection comes out in a lighthearted verbal way, but Taurus places a lot more importance on being physically shown than told.

The Taurus woman appreciates the Gemini man’s intellect and he can show her how to have a little more fun in life. The Gemini man appreciates the Taurus woman’s common sense and grounded nature, and her deep rooted sensuality. She can show him the value of slowing down and taking your time, especially in the bedroom. The relationship of the Taurus woman and Gemini man is more a friendly one than a passionate bond as he takes everything in a lighter way. He has shallowness in his expression of love; moreover he is always in a mood to move a round. This is a very disturbing fact for her who seeks stability in each aspect of her life. On the other hand he finds her, stagnant and a lot more possessive than he can hold on.

The Taurus woman is looking for a stable, sensible, life-long partnership, where she can really put down roots and feel safe and secure. The Gemini man is, deep down, looking for roughly the same thing, but he doesn’t know it. As such, he will take the whole relationship much more light-heartedly than she does, and he doesn’t understand how much it hurts the Taurus woman when commitment is withheld.