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Gemini Pisces Love Compatibility

A Gemini is as much open to new ideas and opinions as a Piscean.

Both of them are quite adaptable and flexible, ready to make adjustments. Neither has the trait of sticking to one’s own opinions and totally ignoring the viewpoints of other people. The trait of inconsistency is a part of both the individual’s personality.

Now we come to the differences in this love match. Gemini is quite rational in his approach towards life, while a Piscean lives in a dreamy world where everything is perfect and everyone is good. Their conversation may not run deep and at times, bring no results as the latter may not be able to articulate his feelings fully. However, the Gemini will greatly benefit from his wisdom and can even learn to be a little bit more sensitive.

Both of them have different outlooks towards life and find it difficult to fully adapt to their partner’s viewpoint. They will have to make a conscious effort in order to ensure the compatibility of their relationship. Otherwise, there will be nothing but heartbreak for both of them. This relationship is destined to face some major obstacles, and it may be very difficult for the two of you to even come together in the first place. Some emotional distancing, which may take the form of one or both of you feeling very resistant or even “turned off” by the other, can be expected right from the start. One the other hand, outside circumstances may prevent you from the full sharing you would wish. In either case, unrequited and unfulfilled love will be a theme in your relationship.

There is a strong romantic quality to your relationship, but you will also experience times when the qualities of your partner contrast sharply with the qualities that you had envisioned that your “Ideal Lover” would have. Do not try to force your partner to conform to your desires; each person must be true to themselves.

Gemini Man and Pisces Woman

The love match of Gemini man and Pisces woman is bound to show signs of incompatibility, since they have some basic characteristic differences. He seems to have a penchant for change and will quickly lose interest in something he loved only the day before. She will get hurt when he starts disliking those very, qualities he liked the first time he met her.

A Gemini man is almost averse to deep emotional bonds and a Piscean woman is always in search of someone who can love her, protect her and take care of her. Her constant need for love and companionship is sure to put him off. Gemini male and Pisces female is not just simply about the physical intimacy they share. When they involve in sexual acts, there is a beautiful balancing which takes place between their qualities and weaknesses forming a basis of a wonderful partnership. Each time they make love to each other, their relationship becomes stronger and more harmonious transforming them into a wonderful unison.

He is able to impress his lady with his intellectual skills and rhetoric abilities which make him attractive and appealing. He also feels conquered by her wonderful listening abilities as she doesn’t get bored listening to his ideas and plans.

Gemini woman and Capricorn Man

If this relationship has to work, both the individuals will have to make lots of compromises. The wistful looks and passionate nature of a Pisces man will initially attract a Gemini woman. But soon, the differences will start cropping up. She will be too articulate about her feelings, while he will be find it very difficult to express what he feels. Her bluntness and sharp tongue may further hurt his sensitive heart.

She will have to make him feel loved and cared for and he will have to extend his conversations with her. They need to make a little effort and once they know the right equations, they enjoy a beautiful physical chemistry. They may take some time to develop those equations but once they are on the right track, they enjoy satisfying lovemaking. She adds more vigor to their act of love making using her creative mind and he responds her by adding his romance to it. They enjoy a stable and calm marriage for life without any seriously heated arguments and differences.

They are able to strike the right balance which keeps them going. They both are intelligent and smart individuals who value space and love to socialize. This common liking makes them a wonderfully balanced couple.