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Aries Cancer Love Compatibility

When a blazing Aries meets a squelchy Cancer personality for a passionate relationship then there are equal counts of burns and tranquility. Aries ride high on extemporaneity and is quite expressive while Cancer tends to take time when it comes to both expressing feelings and making the first move in a relationship.

Cancer man is usually shy in nature and does not poke his nose in others matters. He yearns for fame, recognition and wealth which he is able to earn easily due to his diligence. A Cancer man in love with an Aries woman expects his woman to love him passionately and he likes to be possessed by her. He is always very faithful, loyal and caring towards the Aries woman. Aries woman admires the Cancer man for his ability to sail smooth through the bed times, Aries men usually stay calm even in most panicking situations also.

As Aries men are highly sensitive and emotional so he easily gets hurt by careless behaviour of an Aries woman. Aries woman is an impetuous and independent female. She deals with problems headlong even when the situation does not demands so. However, Aries woman do not hurt anyone intentionally. She genuinely finds a Cancer man very kind, who understands her behaviour and respects her real innocence. Though she must mend her fiery temperament to not let her man feel depressed.

The strength and masculinity of a Cancer man is best completed with an Aries woman. The positive approach and endearing attitude of an Aries woman plays a catalyst in letting the Cancer man give up his fear of unknown and move ahead more confidently. Cancer man tends to keep secrets which can be taxing on his relation with Aries woman and his practice to keep secrecy can leave his woman wondering or can even cause an outburst of her frenzy nature.

Though the cancer man proves to be best suited for an Aries woman as she feels confident, thrilled and true to her personality however she must be careful about her man’s mood swings and give him the due personal space in the relationship. This is a rare blend of water and fire sign, the two in relation can have miraculous relationship. Cancer man always treasures his feelings and fulfills all child-like demands of an Aries woman. Even the Aries woman makes him feel loved and care for him devotedly. Their physical intimacy is absolutely complimentary hence they enjoy a long lasting pleasure of their love making and gradually it build on their intimacy. Ability of an Aries woman to bring innocence to her love making gives massive emotional security to the Cancer man.

Aries appreciate the care and sensitivity of Cancer and always provides the sense of confidence and security to them but their impulsive behavior can hurt the sensitive Cancer heart often. Money tends to be the biggest problem between these two as she likes to spend money, while he likes to save. Once the two learn to communicate more efficiently and openly, they work wonders together.