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Cancer Capricorn Love Compatibility

Getting down and dirty with the gorgeous Goat, gives a natural high that can take you to the top of the mountain.

Your sensual, surging emotions will respond to the earthy sexuality of the Goat and you can build a beautiful life together.

Cancer is a Water Sign and Capricorn is an Earth Sign, so the relationship should be a fertile one. Sexual communication is marvellous, but even if you don’t choose to raise children, living things will all thrive under your joint care. Whether you grow bonsai or breed Chihuahuas, run your own business or are just trying to run a household, you work well as a team. Your cool Capricorn lover can help you to structure your feelings and plan ahead, while you can introduce the often repressed Goat to glorious realms of emotional power.

Both of you are good with money, and like to plan for a secure future. However, because you are both Cardinal Signs with a natural inclination to lead, power struggles are likely to emerge at some stage. Agree on a fair division of labour, including who is in charge of what, as early on as possible. If you have a reasonably flexible plan that allows for a balance of power, mutual respect and pride in each other will be the most likely result.

Cancer is ruled by the moody but nurturing Moon and thereby earns the reputation of being the Mother of the Zodiac. Capricorn, on the other hand, is governed by patriarchal Saturn, symbolized by the stern Father. Cap is inclined to keep private emotions under wraps, but you are all about expressing your emotions to the full. The nurturesome Crab favours the flowering of tender feelings, but the spiky Goat prefers plain, no-nonsense stoicism… and when the two of you meet in the middle, you will find a genuinely satisfying balance. Help the Goat learn to be more vulnerable and risk the rewards of being open to love, even as your Capricorn lover can help you become more aware of healthy boundaries in relationships.

These opposites attract and can go on to build a solid, fruitful partnership. Supportive connections between Moon and Ascendant signs will make this relationship run more smoothly, but in general this is a very good combination that should be satisfying to both of you. It’s an excellent match.