Venus Combust in Leo 15th September 2022

General introduction

The period of Venus combust in Leo will start on September 15, 2022, at 02:29 in the morning, and then on December 2, at 6.13 in the morning, the phase of Venus combust in Leo will end. As a result, due to differences of opinion in their personal life, there is a possibility of a lack of happiness and money and many problems. If you are in a love relationship and want to marry your beloved, then Venus’s combust period will be unfavourable. Those waiting to get married will have to wait for the favorable period now. Let us know the effect of Venus combust in the Leo sign on all the 12 zodiac signs.

Impact on Aries – Venus Combust in Leo

Aries, You will succeed in getting good results after facing many obstacles in your life. During this time, you will get new job opportunities, but you will not be able to get happiness and satisfaction from them. There will be a medium benefit for the people associated with the business. You will suffer some loss, but the good thing is that you will not give up even after the present failure. Some natives will also get benefits through shares, lotteries etc. Married people will have to face some differences with their spouses. You will not have to face any major health problem.

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Remedy: Chant the mantra “Om Shukray Namah” 42 times daily.

Impact on Taurus – Venus Combust in Leo

Taurus, Family disputes are possible due to any ideological difference of yours. You will have to spend more money on the needs and works of the house. You will have many opportunities at work. If you are involved in business, then you will get moderate profit. Many natives can also profit from the money earned or their money deposited for building a new house. In your personal life, you may face some problems at home and with family. Some relatives or relatives will also appear to give you some problem. Your mother may have health problems like an allergy.

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Remedy: Worship Maa Lakshmi on Friday.

Impact on Gemini – Venus Combust in Leo

Gemini, You may have to go on a foreign trip for work or spiritual purposes during this period. This time will prove to be self-development for you. You can change your current job at the workplace or look for a new job in a distant place. If you are in business, there will be mixed results related to profit and loss. You will see both monetary gains and expenses in your life. You may appear somewhat worried about the progress of your children. You will have to avoid traveling. Do yoga and meditation as much as possible.

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Remedy: To get favorable results, organize a Yagya for the planets Mercury and Venus.

Impact on Cancer – Venus Combust in Leo

Cancer, You will get a good profit from buying or investing in property at this time. Some natives will also have to face some problems due to lack of harmony in relations with their superiors and colleagues. You will get profit in business, but it may be less than your estimate. You may get an inheritance. There will be a lack of interest and enthusiasm in the relationship of married people. Still, by talking sweetly to your partner, you can successfully bring the sweetness back into your relationship. You may have problems with burning eyes during this period. Take care of yourself as much as possible.

Worship ‘Tulsi’ for Health, Happiness & Prosperity

Remedy: Worship related to Moon planet on Monday.

Impact on Leo – Venus Combust in Leo

Leo, You can gain the determination and professionalism to succeed in your endeavours. There will be new employment opportunities abroad. Salaried people will have to deal with communication and coordination-related problems with their superiors. Business people will have difficulty getting high profits. Financially, you will earn moderate money at this time. You may have to face some problems in your relationship with your siblings. You will not have any significant health problems, but some may have heart-related problems. So take care of yourself and do pranayama and yoga as much as possible.

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Remedy: Perform a Yagya for Shri Uma Maheshwar.

Impact on Virgo – Venus Combust in Leo

Virgo, You will not get the support of luck in your career, due to which you will be unable to get good benefits from your actions. If you are associated with a business, there is a possibility of some lack of profit at this time, but you may also have to face losses. Expenses will be more than your income. In personal life, there will be a lack of harmony in the relationship. There can be problems with family members. Be careful about your health. Eat a balanced diet and take food on time.

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Remedy: Donate cooked rice to the poor and needy on Wednesday.

Impact on Libra – Venus Combust in Leo

Libra, You will have to face some hurdles at the workplace. However, after these obstacles, you will see good progress in your work and achieve success. You may get a promotion. Business people will get success in getting the benefits slowly but surely. Talking about personal life, married people will gradually feel happy and loved in the relationship, solving all the problems in their relationship with their partner. There will be no significant health problems in your life. But you may have to face minor problems related to eyes and skin. Take special care of your food and drink.

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Impact on Scorpio – Venus Combust in Leo

Scorpio, You are likely to get moderate results in your career. This time for work can give you some challenges about work temporarily. You will be able to solve every challenge with hard work and understanding. There will be a possibility of getting very less profit in business. Married people may face problems related to the ego in their married life. Try to understand your partner. You will not have any significant physical problems in terms of health, but you may suffer from headaches, fatigue and mental stress due to the ups and downs going on in your life.

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Remedy: Chant “Om Bhaumay Namah” 9 times a day.

Impact on Sagittarius – Venus Combust in Leo

Sagittarius, There can be some delay in getting the luck related to work. You will get success in whatever work you do, but it may take some time to get success. You may get more support from your seniors. Business persons will get only moderate benefits. Married people will have to face some tension and dispute with their spouse in their relationship due to ego. Show understanding and try to resolve every dispute by talking to each other with love and respect. Health will improve, but there can be skin-related problems due to heat. Take more and more fluids while avoiding eating too hot and spicy.

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Remedy: Chant ‘Om Brihaspatiye Namah’ 12 times daily.

Impact on Capricorn – Venus Combust in Leo

Capricorn, You will feel some obstacles in getting success in your career. Employed people will have many challenges. Some people may lose their jobs, and some may be forcibly transferred. You may have to face both loss and profit in your business. Avoid making risky investments, otherwise, losses may increase. Beware of your competitors. Married people will be most worried about their family’s and children’s development. Be vigilant about your health. You may have some problems related to digestion and eyes. Avoid going to dusty and polluted places and be careful about your food.

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Remedy: Perform Havan of Goddess Lakshmi on Friday.

Impact on Aquarius – Venus Combust in Leo

Aquarius, You will get good results in your career. You will get immense success in everything you do, and you will be seen moving ahead in your career by achieving your goals on time. There may also be an opportunity to travel abroad in connection with work. Business people will get good opportunities to earn profit. You will gain money, but your expenses will increase equally rapidly. Buy anything only by making the right budget plan and keeping control of your expenses in time. Married people will get to have a good relationship with their partners. Your health will be good.

Remedy: Donate curd and rice to the elderly on Saturdays.

Impact on Pisces – Venus Combust in Leo

Pisces, In your career, you will progress by performing well with your better and consistent efforts. Your income will also increase. Keep yourself focused only on your work. Business persons will have only moderate benefits. Your competitors will try to overtake you. There will be problems in your relationships. You will need to be careful about your food from the beginning. Because there is a high possibility that you will look afflicted during this period due to digestive problems and for this, you may have to spend a large part of your money.

Remedy: It will be favorable for you to worship Lord Shiva by going to the temple on Thursday.

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