Tips to Strengthen Your Family Bonding

Tips to Strengthen Your Family Bonding – Here are some simple tips on how to strengthen your family bonding:


Add a Get Together ‘Ritual’

Just in case you were thinking of some serious suggestions, sorry, nothing like that since the article suggests practical down to earth approach. There must be something over the weekend to which throughout the week all members look forward to.

Just an idea; order pizzas and a nice movie in the living room, with everyone including grandparents, mom, dad, and kids. Add something to eat as per each person’s liking.

This will become a ‘ritual’ which all will look forward to every week. This is just a suggestion you may have better ideas.

Discover the Magic of Hugs

Keep a day for being together in your living room or a park where you can play with children and cuddle each other. Physical touch with feelings of unconditional love and affection has great soothing effect and conveys sense of belonging.

Let Music Uplift Ambiences

Find out favourite music of each family member and try to play as per each other’s liking. Music of one’s liking can raise the vibrations of a place and add zest to life. [Vastu Remedies for Bedroom]

Playing the popular game of ‘Antakshari’ can be truly enjoyable.

Make Room for Fun

After children have finished their homework or study sit together and have fun. Play some games or crack healthy jokes, does not matter what you do, but let tension and anxiety leave your premise.

Celebrate Birthdays and other Occasions

Most families celebrate children’s birth days, but why not celebrate each member’s birthday, including those of grandparents, with great enthusiasm.

Cook Together

Over the weekends involve children in cooking simple dishes. This way they can easily learn about importance of nutrition, hygiene and good eating habits. Children will form a habit of helping their mom in the kitchen whenever they have time.

Exercise Together

This can go a long way in keeping the family healthy. If not every day at least on weekends take all members on a morning walk and do some simple exercises in a park or at home whichever is convenient. [Remedial Tips for Good Health]

Pray Together

Have a worship room in your house or someplace where all members can assemble in the morning or at least in the evening and pray together. This simple routine can act as a strong adhesive to keep the members together under all circumstances.

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Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar