Astrology of Success in Business

Astrology of Success in Business

Success in Business – Certain inborn qualities reflected by astrological indications reveal the ease and level of success one may get in any business pursuit. Some key factors are brought to focus through this article .

Success in Business

In general in a birth chart the placement and strength of Mercury, Venus and Jupiter and Moon play an important role in giving success in any business pursuit.

The planet Mercury is the main planet signifying skill, tact, communication, intellect, trade, dealing etc. which are a must for taking up any business. In any partnership enterprise favorable association of Mercury with the 7th house is greatly helpful.

Venus lets your business flourish bringing prosperity, comforts, luxury and fineness in dealing etc. Its placement in the 2nd or 11th house in a chart is favorable.

Jupiter is the signification of finance, wisdom prosperity etc. all linked up with business and its success. Its link with the 2nd and 11th houses brings success and prosperity.

Strong well placed Moon free from afflictions in a birth chart goes a long way in giving sound mind and lifelong prosperity.

The planets linked with the 7th house and falling in the Nakshatras (Constellations) of their lords or cusps of the 2nd, 10th and 11th houses give success through business.

In addition to the above the planets placed in the 7th house give some revelation about the state of one’s business as follows:

Sun placed favorably in the 7th house tends to give stability in business.

Moon here may show ups and downs or changes in one’s business pursuits.

Mars here generally gives instability and loss through impulsive wrong decisions.

Mercury placed in this house is conducive to profit and progress in business.

Jupiter helps the native greatly, but only if he or she uses fair means of working and dealing.

Venus placed here is also conducive to luck, prosperity and good reputation.

Saturn here is never good for any type of business.

Birth Chart of Bill Gates …


In the birth chart of Bill Gates the following key factors are responsible for his success in business:

• Placement of Jupiter in its friend Sun’s house viz. the 2nd house of finance.

• Placement of Mercury in its sign of exaltation in the 3rd house.

• Placement of Venus in its own sign of Libra in the 4th house and its conjunction with the 2nd lord Sun.

• The ascendant lord Moon very well placed in the house of luck in Jupiter’s sign and aspected by Mercury and Yoga karak Mars added greatly to Bill Gates success and material abundance.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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