Timely Action can protect a Marriage

Irrespective of the fast changing viewpoint about marriage protecting it from disintegration is the only hope for human development and progress.


Marriage can truly be called an institution. It is an association of two persons of opposite sex and the world’s best institute for learning the most essential virtues of life viz. tolerance, patience, trust, selflessness and peaceful co-existence. Marriages are made in Heaven

Marriage of Two Souls …

As I write this I am reminded of a popular Hindi film song:

“Janam janam ka sath hai nibhane ko
sau sau bar maine janamliye…..”

Well I remember just the opening two lines but anyway these lines say it all, “I have incarnated hundreds of times and it is an association to be fulfilled life after life….” Truly so, Hindus believe not only those marriages are made in heaven but also the union lasts over many lives of the same couple.

But contrary to this belief we find many marriages going down the drain; they either break up or turn into unpleasant strained relations. Extra Marital Relations – Steps to Avoid Extra Marital Relations

Timely action can help …

Why not take help of Astrology through an expert and find out well in time the ways to ward off any probable unpleasant happening and protect a marriage from any impending danger. The science of astrology can be put to its best utilization by prior consultation as a preventive measure. What use running around when things go out of hand?

With a timely and conscientious effort one can polish with gold the rusty ring of a strained marriage and prove that Kahlil Gibran was right to say, “Marriage is the golden ring in a chain whose
beginning is a glance and whose ending is Eternity.”

Houses related to Marriage in a Birth Chart…

The houses 2nd, 7th and 11th need to be considered for marriage related analysis. In addition to these three, the 5th house may also need analysis, if it is a love marriage.

Planets related to Marriage in a Birth Chart…

Nakshatras in which the cusps of 2nd, 7th and 11th houses andthe occupants fall are important so their lord planets, the lords of the signs falling in these houses and last but not least the planets posited in these houses.

Causes for Concern …

The following are some conditions or combinations which if present in a birth chart indicate probability of marriage related problems.

• Combust, debilitated or under malefic aspects the lord of the 7th house.
• Venus and Mercury together posited in the 7th house and under no benefic aspect. Importance of Mercury in Married Life
• If malefic planets are posited in the 7th house and Mercury or Saturn aspect this house
• In a birth or navamsha chart the 7th house or its lord or Venus is associated with malefic planets
• If the 2nd and 7th houses are occupied or aspected by malefic planets and the lords of these houses are placed in fixed signs viz. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius
• If Moon and Venus are in opposition to Mars and Saturn
• Malefic planets in 1st, 7th and 12th houses and weak Moon in the 5th house
• In a male chart Moon and Saturn placed in the 7th house
• Lords of the 2nd, 7th and 11th houses and Venus influenced by Mercury and Jupiter or they are in the navamsha of Mercury or Jupiter
• Conjunction of Mars and Venus
• Mutual aspect between Mars and Venus
• Mars and Venus falling in each other’s navamsha, particularly, in a female’s chart.
• Afflicted natal Moon in particular due to Mercury, Saturn or Mars
• If 12th and 7th lords are conjunct in the 5th house and 7th house is under aspect of Rahu or Ketu.
• If Venus is placed in the ascendant in a sign of Mars or Saturn and the 7th house is under affliction.
• Sun placed in the 7th house receiving aspect of Saturn
• If Venus falls in Moola, Kritika, Ardra or Jyeshtha constellations. Venus in Kritika constellation can be particularly bad
• Conjunction of Rahuand Saturn in the 1st house

Astrology of Husband-Wife Relationship

Remedial Measures …

Appropriate remedies depend upon analysis of a horoscope so one should approach a qualified expert and then sincerely follow any remedies suggested.

Delay in marriage or lot of obstacles in finding a suitable match for a boy or a girl is sometimes a great cause of anxiety to the parents in particular. In case of a girl a delay may result in considerable reduction in chances of finding a suitable candidate due to overage. Well, in all such cases the following remedies can be of great help if followed with faith and sincerity:

•The girl whose marriage is unduly delayed should take eight dry dates (Chchuare) on a Friday night and boil these in water and keep these along with water beside her bed and on the following morning after taking bath immerse these in a river.

•The girl whose marriage is being delayed should wear clothes of another girl whose marriage is already fixed. This will help her in finding a suitable life partner.

•The boy whose marriage is getting delayed should buy on a Thursday a yellow scarf with yellow or golden border and offer it to Shri LaxmiNarayan in a temple along with pure ghee laddoos and pray for early marriage. Repeat it for 21 Thursdays if necessary.

•Mix a little turmeric (haldi) powder in your bath water and after taking the bath put a tilak (holy spot) on the forehead with saffron (kesar).

•In order to overcome obstacles in getting married on a full Moon day (poornima) take 108 rounds (prikrama) of the Bargad (Banyan) tree.

A Bonus Tip for Married Partners …

If you are married and wish to increase mutual love between you and your partner then here is a wonderful tip which if done with faith can strengthen your marital bond with increased mutual love and harmony:

• On a Friday, of bright half phase of Moon, write your partner’s name on a bhojpatr with red sandal wood paste and immerse it in a jar of honey and keep it in an isolated place. Your partner will start loving you and married life will be harmonious. The bhojpatr can be obtained from a shop which sells astrology or worship related items. It is in fact a dried bark of the Himalayan Betulautilistree also called birch.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar