Transit of Mars In Aquarius – 07th April 2022

Mars will enter the sign Aquarius on Thursday, 7 April 2022 at 2.24 PM. It was in its exalted sign Capricorn till now but after 7 April, it will be transiting in Aquarius. The planet will be posited in the Aquarius sign till 17th May 2022. The general impact of this transit is that people will feel disappointed and angry. However, the transit will help in increasing energy and help you in fulfilling your goals in life. You may get the energy and motivation to move forward in your life. Professionals make go on a foreign trip. The transit is important for people of all Zodiac signs. The impact of this transit on zodiac signs is as follows.


Impact on Aries – Transit of Mars In Aquarius 07th April 2022

The transit is good for Aries. You will be ambitious and successful in this transit of Mars and may go on long journeys. A promotion is in cards for you. You will have a good relationship with office colleagues. You will get business success. Finances will approve but hard work is needed. Immovable property may give profits. Income will increase you will get victory over your enemies. Family relationships will be good. Elder brother will support you. Love life is showing some problems and there can be a misunderstanding with lover. Married life is showing good results. An auspicious ceremony may be held at home. Physical and mental health will be good. Do exercise to stay fit.
Remedy: Place vermilion or honey in an earthen vessel or pot.

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Impact on Taurus – Transit of Mars In Aquarius 07th April 2022

Taurus, This transit is good for your career. Your performance on the job will be very good. Past efforts will increase your name and fame. However, you should not undervalue your opponents. You will get financial benefit and you may invest your money. You need to be careful about family relationships. Avoid fights and disputes with family members. Solve family problems with patience. Love life is unfavorable. Your family members may have a health problem and you need to be careful about that. You may suffer from tiredness and body pain. Meditation and yoga will be beneficial for you.

Remedy: Help childless people

Impact on Gemini – Transit of Mars In Aquarius 07th April 2022

Gemini, This transit will make your financial condition good. You will get a high income and new sources of income. Your financial problems will be removed. Gemini natives will get benefit from real estate matters. Be careful of enemies in your job. Your image may be damaged by opponents. You may have arguments and a bad relationship with your father. Father can suffer from a health problem. Love life is good and you may travel with your partner. You may have some health problems like fever and tiredness. There can be body pains. Do yoga and meditation. It will help in fighting despair and depression.

Remedy: Do Hanuman Pooja

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Impact on Cancer – Transit of Mars In Aquarius 07th April 2022

Cancer, Professional life is not good. Relationship with boss and colleagues is not good as there can be some fights and disputes with them. You may lose concentration on work and may feel frustrated. There can be mental stress due to financial problems. Avoid investing in stocks. Do not indulge in speculation or buy property. There can be misunderstandings with the spouse. You can have a problem with in-laws. Cancer natives may have to stay away from family. You may have an injury. There can be a disease related to the blood or urinary system. You may suffer from piles.

Remedy: Donate rice, You can also donate gram dal in a mandir.

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Impact on Leo – Transit of Mars In Aquarius 07th April 2022

Leo, You will get a promotion in your job and success in business. A small problem might occur in the office. Avoid disputes and arguments with officemates. Financial life will be good. Investments will yield benefits. You will recover your stuck money. Relationship with spouse will not be good. The spouse will be angry at you. Avoid keeping company with people who have a suspicious character. Don’t keep the company of defamed people. You will spend a good time with family members and friends. Health will be good. Your life partner can have some health problems.

Remedy: Do Jaap of the mantra “Om Angarkaya Namah” every Tuesday.

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Impact on Virgo – Transit of Mars In Aquarius 07th April 2022

Virgo, This transit is good for you. You will feel energetic, excited and will have new ideas. Hard work done in the earlier time will give good results now. Enemies will try to damage your reputation but they will not be successful in harming you. Focus only on your work. The financial condition is not good. Investments will not give profit. Court cases will be in your favor. Society will admire you and support you. Interest in religion will grow. Your health will be good. There can be some infection although it is minor. Be careful of your health.

Remedy: Distribute salt when a child is born.

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Impact on Libra – Transit of Mars In Aquarius 07th April 2022

Libra, Professional life is showing fluctuations and can go up and down. You may get a new job. Some conspiracy may be there in the workplace so be careful. Financial condition will improve. Avoid taking loans as there can be a problem in repaying them. Don’t invest your money in the stock market. Love life can have some problems. Some of you may marry your beloved. You will be cheated in a new relationship so be careful. Relationship with spouse will be normal. Your health will be good. Performance of kids will not be good and they may have some health problem. Take care of children.

Remedy: Read Hanuman Chalisa every tuesday.

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Impact on Scorpio – Transit of Mars In Aquarius 07th April 2022

Scorpio, This transit gives you success in major tasks. Relationships with family and friends will be good and they will support you. However, you will feel aggressive and this will affect your relationship not only in your family but also at the workplace. You should be calm while talking with others. Financial conditions will be average. Avoid indulging in stocks. Relation with children will not be good. Your spouse will support you. Be careful about your health and your mother’s health. People who suffer from hypertension or heart problems should be careful about their health.

Remedy: Worship Mars every day especially on Tuesday.

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Impact on Sagittarius- Transit of Mars In Aquarius 07th April 2022

Sagittarius, This transit is good for your business as you may have chances of a new business. You will be successful and your work efficiency will increase. You will develop technical ability. You will get benefits from travel related to work. Financial condition will be good. Investments will be profitable. Be careful that your expenses can increase. Invest after consulting experts. Take the advice and guidance of experts before you invest money. Relationship with life partner will be good. Your relations with your spouse will improve in this transit. An auspicious ceremony may be held at home. Health will be good.

Remedy: Be generous in communication and behavior with the younger brother.

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Impact on Capricorn – Transit of Mars In Aquarius 07th April 2022

Capricorn, Some negativity may develop in your family. This can be stressful for you. Your speech and manner of talking may be bitter. Avoid such behavior as it can cause a lot of problems in your life. You can get money if you invest after doing research. Be careful of money matters. Invest your money very carefully. Don’t drive in a hurry as it can cause accidents and injury. The accident may cause face injury to you. You may have health problems like body aches and tiredness. There can be a problem of sleeplessness. Take care of your health.

Remedy: Give due regards to ancestors. Plant neem tree in mandir.

Impact on Aquarius- Transit of Mars In Aquarius 07th April 2022

Aquarius, This transit puts an impact on your personality and behavior. You may feel irritable. Professional life will be good and your performance in the office will be good. You will finish your tasks. Avoid working in a hurry. Don’t start a new business. Finish your pending works. Your financial condition will be normal. Your expenses can increase. Relationship with family and society will be good if you have a good nature and your behavior is calm. Be careful of your health as any infection can take a long time to heal. There can be some minor injury or accident. Take precaution.

Remedy: Don’t take free things or donations from anyone.

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Impact on Pisces- Transit of Mars In Aquarius 07th April 2022

Pisces, This transit is not good for you. You can suffer from failure and may feel dissatisfied in life. Opponents and rivals can damage your reputation and increase pressure on you. You may feel jealous of other people. Your behavior and speech can be aggressive. Expenses can increase and this can cause some financial difficulty. Family life will be disturbed. The relationship with your family will not be good. You may suffer from mental tension, tiredness, and body pain. It is important to do regular exercise and meditation. You must do yoga daily. This will help in fighting mental stress.

Remedy: Consume honey after waking up in the morning. Do this daily.

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