Remedial Tips for Good Health, Quick Tips for Good Health

Tips for Good Health

1. Tips for Good Health – As per astrology the planet Sun signifies physical health in general. If the Sun is favourable but weak in a birth chart then one should wear a good quality Ruby gemstone of at least 3 carats set in a copper ring. The gemstone can be worn always or during periods of Sun.

Tips for Good Health

2. If in a birth chart the planet Sun is afflicted or unfavourable then one should not wear its gemstone because doing so will cause more problems related to health. In such case one should propitiate Sun by reciting a mala of the mantra, “Om GhriniSuriayeNamaha” every morning at sunrise.

3. Even if the natal Sun is favourable and strong health problems can occur due to unfavourable transits of the Sun. During such transits one should give alms (Daan) of wheat, Gur and copper items.

4. Chew five fresh basil leaves (Tulsi) and swallow with water in the morning as a protection from Typhoid and Hepatitis. Worship ‘Tulsi’ for Health, Happiness & Prosperity

5. For curing urinary infections drink half a spoon of cardamom powder mixed in a glass of water every day till relief.

6. Tips for Good Health based on Mantra. Mantras connect you with God – The following Hanuman Mantra is very effective in giving physical as well as mental health The mantra removes all suffering related to one’s health if recited 108 times every day by sitting before an image of Shri Hanuman:

‘Anjani-garbh-sambhootkapeendrsachivottam, Rampriyenamastubhayam Hanuman rakshsarvada’

Recite the following mantra at least 108 times every day for relief from any health problem. This mantra is known as the Maha-mrituinjai mantra and is an effective cure as also a preventive measure to enjoy perfect health.

‘Om Triyambkamyajamaheysugandhipushtivardhnam, Urvaarukamivabandhnaathmrutiormukshiyamaamritaat’

7. The OM Mantra

Quick Tips for Good Health

1. As soon as any illness starts at night keep a one rupee coin under your pillow and on the following morning throw that coin inside a cremation ground premises while standing outside. This magical remedy will make you healthy.

2. For good health and longevity of your child take a black silk thread and put seven knots on the thread one by one while reciting the mantra, ‘Om namo Bhagvatey Vaasudevayenamaha’ .

3. Hold the black thread in your right hand and once recite this mantra then put the first knot on the thread near its left end. Recite the mantra 2nd time and put the 2nd knot towards right side of the first one. In this manner do it seven times. Then let the child wear it as a protective shield around the neck.

4. Every Tuesday rotate a glass of fresh milk 11 times clockwise over the sick child’s head and feed to a stray dog in the evening. This will restore health of the child.

5. Make a practice of feeding a part of your daily meal to a cow and a stray dog. This will cure you of any illness and keep you healthy.

6. Keep the central part of the house clean and clutter free this pleases the Vaastu Purush and gives health to all family members. Learn How to Raise Vibrations of your House Environment

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