Instructions for Yantra meditation

The secret key to using Yantras in meditation is Resonance. The process of Resonance is established by mental focus on the image of the Yantra. As long as the mind is tuned into the specific mood associated to that Yantra, the energy flows, but when the Resonance is stopped, the energy disappears.

Instructions for Yantra meditation :

· Hang the Yantra on a wall facing North or East, placing the center of the Yantra at the level of your eyes.
· Adopt your favorite posture or, if you want, sit on a chair maintaining your spine straight.
· Breath in through the nose and out through the mouth, but do not force at all, just let the breath flow normally
· Look into the center of the Yantra, trying to blink as rarely as possible; you don’t want to look at the particular details of the Yantra, just keep your sight right in the center and observe the whole Yantra at once

This exercise should last at least 15-30 minutes every day; the experience will be indescribable in time, after at least seven days of Yantra meditation you will be able to tap into the same yantric energy even without a Yantra (at the beginning you may fix your sight on an exterior or imaginary point or evoke the Yantra with your eyes closed)

Do not forget to consecrate the fruits of this practice to God (karma yoga). You should not chase any objective when doing Yantra meditation, just let it gradually guide you towards the sublime energies of the MACROCOSM

When executing this techniques it is recommended that we maintain a state of aspiration and intense longing for experiencing the beatific energies of the consciousness

In superior phases the Yantra absorbs the practitioner’s complete attention, and he can no longer tell if the Yantra is within himself or if he is within the Yantra; this is the state of nonduality.

The Bhramana section of Atharva Veda contains verses which describe the mystic power of Yantras. (Bhramanas are one of four primary sections of each Veda; concerned mainly with details of Yagya and mysticism) Further details are found in the post Upnishid era texts known as Brahiminical Texts. These texts contain details of ways of designing and preparing Yantras and their use. Covered in secrecy and available only within few families these texts have become available to general public only in the 20th century.

Thus, Yantras not only avert disasters but also help in bringing good things to life. Yantras add value to ones life and do have mystical powers to heal certain issues which are not understood by most of the people.