Your Nakshatra and Vulnerability to Health Problems

Nakshatras or constellations being further divisions of a sign reveal greater information than the zodiac signs. Vulnerability to health related problems are also revealed by birth chart Naskshatras.


For determining the vulnerability of a native to health related problems the constellations in which the ascendant and natal Moon falls are most important. The stronger out of the two carries more weightage. Each of the 27 constellations and their vulnerability to health problems are described here:

1. Ashvini

Vulnerability to Health Problems: The native is vulnerable toFever, windy troubles, clouded mentality, insomnia, mental disturbances and pain,Alzheimer’s disease, Epilepsy, headaches.

2. Bharni

Vulnerability to Health Problems:Cold, trembling due to cold, fever, body pain, weakness, lethargy and low level of efficiency are represented by this constellation.

3. (A) Kritika
(The 1st quarter falling in Aries sign)
Vulnerability to Health Problems: Pain in the eyes, excessive body heat, disturbed sleep, pain in the knees, heart trouble, cerebral meningitis, brain fever, injury, accidents and danger of fire.

3. (B) Kritika
(Remaining three quarters)
Vulnerability to Health Problems: Pimples on face, stiffness of neck, tonsils, pain in lower jaw and ailments of larynx.

4. Rohini

Vulnerability to Health Problems: Fever, pain in ribs, cervical problems, apoplexy, breast pain, swelling, sore throat, cold and

5.(A) Mrigshira
(First two quarters)
Vulnerability to Health Problems: Cold and cough, tonsils, problems of chin and face, pimples, throat pain, diphtheria and venereal distemper.

5.(B) Mrigshira
(Last two quarters)
Vulnerability to Health Problems:Goitre, skin diseases, speech disorders, problems of arms, shoulders and upper ribs.

6. Ardra

Vulnerability to Health Problems:Problems of throat, arms and shoulders, septic throat, mumps, asthma, dry cough, ear- troubles, pain in body and confused mind.

7.(A) Punarvasu
(First three quarters)
Vulnerability to Health Problems:Ear, throat, shoulders, lungs, chest and respiratory system problems, pain in chest.

7(B) Punarvasu
(Fourth quarter)
Vulnerability to Health Problems: Stomach problems, ailments of diaphragm, pancreas and liver. Excessive fat on chest.

8. Pushya

Vulnerability to Health Problems:Tuberculosis, gallstone, cough, cancer, jaundice, eczema and dyspepsia.

9 Ashlesha

Vulnerability to Health Problems: Weak body and tendency to fall ill. Wind in stomach, pain in knees and legs, nervousness, indigestion and breathing difficulties.

10. Magha

Vulnerability to Health Problems: Heart trouble, backache, cholera, spinal meningitis, palpitation of heart, kidney stone.

11. Poorva Phalguni

Vulnerability to Health Problems: Anaemia, pain in legs, heart-valve problems, swelling in ankles.

12 (A) Utra Phalguni
(First quarter)
Vulnerability to Health Problems:Fever, blood pressure problems, blood clotting in brain.

12 (B) UtraPhalguni
(Last three quarters)
Vulnerability to Health Problems:Madness, sore throat, spinal cord and intestine problems.

13. Hasta

Vulnerability to Health Problems: Loose motions, excessive gas formation, breathing troubles, hysteria, typhoid, weakness of arms and shoulders .

14(A) Chitra
(First two quarters)
Vulnerability to Health Problems: Brain fever, acute body pain, itching and irritation, headache.

14(B) Chitra
(Last two quarters)
Vulnerability to Health Problems: Excess urine, kidney problems, ulcers, appendicitis and hernia.

15. Swati

Vulnerability to Health Problems:Leprosy, hernia, urinary troubles and eczema.

16 (A) Vishakha
(First three quarters)
Vulnerability to Health Problems: Diseases of womb, dropsy and prostate enlargement

16 (B) Vishakha
(Fourth quarter)
Vulnerability to Health Problems:Nose bleeding, renal stone, menstrual troubles and tumours

17. Anuradha

Vulnerability to Health Problems:Constipation, piles, nasal catarrh, sterility

18. Jyeshtha

Constellation lord: Mercury

Vulnerability to Health Problems: Bleeding piles, fistula, bowel infection, leucorrhoea, pain in arms and shoulders.

19. Moola

Vulnerability to Health Problems:Rheumatism, low blood pressure, cold feet and hands.

20. PoorvaAshadha

Vulnerability to Health Problems:Diabetes, lung cancer, headache and body pain .

21 (A) Utraashadha
(First quarter)
Vulnerability to Health Problems:Eczema, leprosy, pain

21 (B) Utraashadha
(Last three quarters)
Vulnerability to Health Problems:Palpitation of heart, cardiac thrombosis, boils, gastric troubles in stomach .

22. Shravan

Vulnerability to Health Problems:Skin diseases, tuberculosis, pleurisy and poor digestion.

23 (A) Dhanishtha
(First two quarters)
Vulnerability to Health Problems:Malaria, high fever, boils and dry cough

23 (B) Dhanishtha
(Last two quarters)
Vulnerability to Health Problems: Leg injury, high blood pressure, insomnia, fainting

24. Shatbhisha

Vulnerability to Health Problems:High blood pressure, palpitation of heart, insomnia, amputation, leprosy, eczema, rheumatism.

25 (A) Poorva Bhadrapad
(First three quarters)
Vulnerability to Health Problems:Circulatory system problems, swelling of feet, jaundice, abdominal tumour.

25. (B) Poorva Bhadrapad
(The last quarter)
Vulnerability to Health Problems:Enlarged liver, hernia, corn in feet .

26. Utra Bhadrapad

Vulnerability to Health Problems:Hernia, foot fracture, constipation, indigestion, cold feet and tuberculosis.

27. Revati

Vulnerability to Health Problems: Intestinal ulcers, deafness, pus in ear, abdominal disorders and mental problems.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar