Love Marriage OR Arranged Marriage?

Love Marriage OR Arranged Marriage – Proper analysis of a birth chart can reveal the probabilities whether the native will marry through an arranged alliance or convert his or her love affair into a marital bond..

Love Marriage OR Arranged Marriage

Love marriages in our country are not a new trend of the modern times or shadow of western cultures on ours. Love marriages exist since ancient times. Our scriptural treatises such as the Manusmriti (compilation of over 2000 Shalokas by the sages Manu and Bhrigu) describe an alliance between a male and a female based on mutual attraction as Gandharv Vivah or a Love Marriage.

“Ichchaya anyoanas yogey kanaya ashachaivarashai chai,
Gandharv vasayetu viksheyo maithunai kaamsam bhavaye”

Love Marriage OR Arranged Marriage – Houses of a Birth Chart Related to Marriage

Generally, for a marriage alliance to take place houses 2nd, 7th and 11th are involved as follows:

• The 7th house is the main house of spouse and marriage,
• The 2nd house relates to family
• And the 11th represents a tie of friendship and fulfillment of desires etc.

Therefore in case of an arranged marriage the above houses and their significators are involved. In addition to these the general significator of marriage in case of a male is Venus and in case of a female is Jupiter.

Love Marriage OR Arranged Marriage – Indications of love Marriage

In case of a love affair the 5th house is involved so a love affair can be analysed based on the analysis of the 5th house and all its significators.

From astrological point of view a love affair will culminate into a marriage alliance if there is an association between the 5th and 7th houses. This association could be through conjunction of their lords, mutual aspects between their lords, exchange of signs, common constellation etc. The stronger the association the greater will be the probability of a love based marriage and its success.

In addition to the above, the general planets which signify a love affair are Venus in a male’s chart and Mars in a female’s chart.

Love Marriage OR Arranged Marriage – An Example Birth Chart

The love affair of the native of the following Birth Chart successfully culminated into a marriage alliance.

love chart

In this birth chart, with respect to the ascendant the 5th lord Saturn and the 7th lord Mars are conjunct in the 10th house, also the 5th lord Saturn aspects the 7th house.

With respect to the natal Moon also the 5th lord Mercury and the 7th lord Sun are conjunct in Taurus sign in the 4th house. The 7th lord Mars is placed in the constellation of the 5th lord.

So a strong association between the 5th and 7th houses resulted in love based marriage.

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Article by:Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar