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Aquarius Pisces Love Compatibility

Pisces the Fishes and Aquarius the Water-Bearer have a genuinely creative and compassionate connection. You are intrigued by that romantic Piscean charm and the Fishes are drawn to your visionary ideals.
Sensual, imaginative Pisces will go along with pretty well anything you want, and the two of you can achieve an unusual intimacy. You have many original and creative ideas — and Pisces will feel endlessly proud them, and of you!

Far-sighted Aquarius, an Air Sign, is ruled by responsible Saturn and devil-may-care Uranus, while sociable Pisces, a Water Sign, is ruled by divine Jupiter, Lord of the Dance, and Neptune, the mysterious planet of fantasy and imagination. This brings a spiritual, even psychic quality to the relationship. Air is the element of the mind, communication and transmission of knowledge, while Water is the element of emotion, of feeling, nurture and intuition. Uranus encourages progressive, original thinking, while Saturn gives you the determination to put your ideas to work. Jupiter helps Pisces set the ideas in a philosophical context, while Neptune adds a mystical aura to them, helping spread them through the ether so to speak, through a warm social sense and an instinctive grasp of all the nuances.

Pisces, a Mutable Sign, loves the free flow of feeling and relies on a powerful, sensitive intuition. Aquarius, a Fixed Sign, is more intellectual, but also more settled and determined. Despite any emotional pressure, you can be stubborn, and will definitely be the stronger and more stable of the two. You’ll be expected to take the lead, and Pisces will be more than happy to follow, so long as you keep your light brightly shining.

In the art of lovemaking, Pisces is tender and willing, with a rush of sensual passion that can take your breath away. Pisces is fantasy-driven and dynamite when stoked by the right mixture of wish-fulfilment, suitable environment and emotional stimulation (not to mention appropriate chemicals!).You can both be somewhat ambivalent in your sexuality and have been known to dabble in unusual relationships, including same-sex dalliances, multiple partners and the like. Pisces usually prefers a more submissive role — but watch out, the tables can turn!

Both signs love to socialize, but Pisces is very introspective and will need plenty of support. Jealousy can sometimes rear up, more through a sense of insecurity than a desire to own you. Always remember to make your Piscean lover feel wanted and valued. Conflicts arise due to the need for emotional support and tenderness, so subdue your preference for ideas over romance.

This is a very good match, but requires that you show more emotional commitment than you are used to. Aquarius is often rather emotionally detached, but if you allow your emotions to flow, you will be swept away on a cloud of romantic joy.