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Leo Pisces Love Compatibility

You’ll find yourself drawn to the sexy, yet strangely vulnerable Fishy folk. Pisces too is drawn to the Lion, for these gentle souls sense that you have a warm heart and an inner strength that can be there for them when the terrors of nightLeo and loom large.Since you are a Fire Sign and Pisces is a Water Sign, the sexual environment can get very steamy too. You’ll definitely enjoy the attention, and Pisces feels special, being chosen by the King (or Queen) of Beasts.

Pisces, a Mutable Water Sign, enjoys the ruler-ship of fortunate Jupiter and imaginative Neptune.This expansive characteristic gives Pisces a love of photography, glamour, and fantasy, yet can also produce an inveterate risk-taker. Since you are never happier than at the centre of the limelight, one admirable trait (namely of focusing all the attention on you!) leads to a mutually fulfilling exchange of energies, at least for a while. Pisces is very inventive and compliant in the boudoir, which is exciting at first, but such exotic behaviour can become a little distasteful (in your royal opinion) if taken too far.You are of course truly flamboyant and love to dominate. Your roar will thrill the Fish, but when he or she rolls over into a submissive pose, your inclination may soon be to snarl and slash the jugular.

Pisces is unworldly, even mystical and you intrigue each other with the fascination of difference. However, take care not to overwhelm this strange and cautious creature, for your active outgoing nature doesn’t mesh too well with that dreamy Fishy introspection. Pisces can also be quite deceptive, even underhand at times, which does not sit particularly well with your proud and positive character.

Alternatively, you might get sick of the constant need for reassurance and affirmations of love. After all, who is the central figure here? This is not an easy match. You’ll need to compromise more than you are used to. Ideally you’ll find some common cause into which you can throw your energies, for the relationship on its own might not be enough for you, even though Piscean sensitivity and acute understanding of relationships goes well with your generous spirit. It will take very strong compatibilities from Moon and other factors to keep you in this nest for long.