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Aries Leo Love Compatibility

Aries is ruled by Mars and Leo is ruled by Sun, which is all about ‘the self’ and Mars is about ‘aggressive energy’; so Aries and Leo are highly compatible and make a potent team. Despite of all hegemony, Aries often seeks guidance from Leo. Passionate, vibrant, sportsmanship are some of adornments that they possess. Both the signs are super egoist and always feel superior to each other however they also share a mutual admiration and respect. They share a fiery, ardent relationship, when it’s good it’s very good and when it’s bad then it’s all about loud arguments and dented egos.

Although they may disagree often, but their difference of opinion does not lingers for long. They are highly energetic and ever ready. Leo likes to be adored, which is not liked by Aries, especially the flirtatious nature of Leo however the excitement and passion in an Aries – Leo relationship is everlasting!

Aries Man with Leo Woman

Aries is a Cardinal Sign and Leo is a Fixed Sign however they precisely complement each other. Aries allows Leo to move ahead assertively and take chances, while Leo help Aries to learn follow things steadily. The Aries Man respects the majesty of his Leo woman but the woman must also be sensitive and boost her man’s ego at times. Unlike the Leo woman, Aries man barely clings onto hard feelings and forgives easily but a Leo woman turns out to be more stubborn in this aspect, owing to the more fixed nature of her sign.

Leo Woman needs to be free to express herself beyond simply putting the moves on her beau – and this often annoys the extremely jealous nature of Aries. Aries man is very secretive and can keep his deepest desires a secret if he feels he is insecure. and suddenly the grand gestures of upfront expression start to look a little more opaque and less honest than they both convinced one another was the nature of their courtship.

Leo Woman appreciates Aries Man’s protective streak when it comes to family and friends, but she will actually have to want to give up some of her social prowess in order to find time to dedicate to the prospect of family life with The Ram.

Aries Woman with Leo Man

The Leo man is suggested to guide Aries woman without hurting her ego. Aries woman is intelligent, independent and energetic. She possess some attributes of men or is a tomboy in nature or appearance at her young age.

Aries woman is an excellent host and good speaker. Feeling jealous and competing with other in relation are the only two negative qualities in her. She is generally attracted to strong, independent and confident men. Both the signs are fiery thus dominating personalities. Aries woman is impulsive and may not like the organized manner of her Leo partner. The trine aspect of these two Sun form great a chemistry between you two. She loves to praise her Leo partner as she knows that it makes him feel high and this feeling is also reciprocated by her Leo man.

Both signs are courageous but Aries woman is likely to take more risk in her life than her Leo partner. She does not seek approval of others. While Leo man looks for an approval and a standing in society and more from the people whom he loves and takes care of. You both are suggested to learn the art to compromise and cultivate patience, self-control towards the other. If this is achieved, an exceptional future can be in store for this combination.