Transit of Ketu in Libra – 12th April 2022

Ketu transits the zodiac sign Libra on 12 April 2022. The transit will occur at 11.18 AM. Like Rahu, Ketu also moves in a retrograde motion so it always moves backward. The transit of Ketu takes place one sign behind it. Till now, Ketu was in the Scorpio sign but now after 12 April 2022, it will enter the Libra sign. The transit will have an impact on all Zodiac signs in some way or another way. Some Zodiac signs will get benefit from this transit while some signs will get negative results in their life due to this transit. Let us know the effect of this Ketu transit on each zodiac sign.

Impact on Aries – Transit of Ketu in Libra

Ketu enters the 7th house of your horoscope. Aries, you may get a business partner. Avoid ventures as there may be some hidden conditions that may cause a problem later. You may be cheated. There can be disputes and fights with the business partner. This will harm your business. Health problems may occur to you. There can be back pain or you may have leg pain. Married people may face problems due to the involvement of another person in their relationship that may impact their relationship with their spouse.

Remedy: Worship the Banyan tree and put raw milk on it. You must offer sugar and sesame to the tree. Do this on Tuesday and Saturday.

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Impact on Taurus – Transit of Ketu in Libra

Ketu is positioned in the 6th house of the Kundli. Taurus, You will face problems in your life with courage and will be successful in defeating enemies. Taurus natives will recover from health problems that they were having. However, you may suffer from skin diseases. There can be an accident while driving on the road so be careful. Time is good for undergoing surgery. You will get success in matters related to the court. There can be a problem with maternal grandparent relations. The health of your maternal grandparents will be poor. Doctors and lawyers will be successful in their work.
Remedy: Place silver in your purse.

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Impact on Gemini – Transit of Ketu in Libra

Ketu enters the 5th house. Gemini, Your love life will not be good. There can be a fight with the lover. This is mainly because of some other person interfering in your relationship. There is a feeling that your lover is cheating on you. Students will face problems in concentrating on their studies. However, the transit is good for researchers and those who are pursuing a Ph.D. degree. You study any topic very deeply. This will help in increasing your knowledge. They can be health problems related to the digestive system and you may suffer from food allergies.
Remedy: Give milk to dogs. You must give roti to the dogs. Have a pet dog in your home.

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Impact on Cancer – Transit of Ketu in Libra

Ketu is positioned in the 4th house of your Horoscope. Cancer, Students may face problems in their studies. They may not be able to learn properly. This will impact their performance in studies. The family environment will be very good. However, there can be some fights with family members. Avoid investing money in property as there can be some bad deals. Health problems may occur and you may have stress. You may visit many doctors multiple times for treatment. You will like to learn new things in life. You may develop an interest in computer languages. Some of you may learn about foreign markets.
Remedy: Do a tilak of Kesar on your forehead. Do this remedy in the morning daily.

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Impact on Leo- Transit of Ketu in Libra

Ketu enters the 3rd house of your Horoscope. Leo, You may be able to resolve problems in your life that were impacting you for a long time. You will set goals and try hard to achieve them. Enemies will become friends. Relation with family members and friends will become better. However, there can be some problems with brothers and sisters. Sibling relationships will not be good especially relations with younger brothers and sisters. Be careful in public relationships. Your boss will support you in the office. They will admire your work. This will improve your position at work.
Remedy: Wear a silver ring on the right hand. Make sure that the ring does not have a joint. Wear a silver chain.

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Impact on Virgo – Transit of Ketu in Libra

Ketu enters the 2nd house of your horoscope. Virgo, There can be some health problems like a throat infection. There can be a problem with the voice and vocal cord. This will impact singers and people who work as anchors negatively. You may have some unnecessary expenditure. The family relationships may not be good especially your relationship with your mother. You may travel and can stay away from family. There can be a disorder or infection in the eyes. Tendency to become an introvert will increase now. You may not talk much to other people and this will impact your relationship with others.
Remedy: Feed 7 grains to birds. Do this every day.

Impact on Libra – Transit of Ketu in Libra

In this transit, Ketu is positioned in the 1st house of the Kundli. Libra, There can be a tendency of feeling lost. You may like to learn about new things. Libra natives will make new plans and execute them. You will not share your plans with anybody not even with family members. Librans may develop a distance from their life partner or lover. Professional life will be very active. You will develop a tendency to earn more money and will implement new ideas in business. However, you will not get success if you do anything new or implement new ideas.
Remedy: Give brown-colored clothes as a donation to someone in need.

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Impact on Scorpio – Transit of Ketu in Libra

Ketu is positioned in the 12th house of the horoscope. Scorpio, Your ability to concentrate and understand things will become better. You may take interest in uplifting the poor and downtrodden. You may do charity and help the weak section of people in the society. Long-distance travel is in cards for you. You may travel to spiritual places. You will get success in visiting a foreign country. People who are doing research will get success in their work. You will be successful in gaining knowledge.
Remedy: To get favorable results of this transit, apply a tilak of Haldi on your forehead. Apply the tilak on the neck also. Do this remedy every day.

Impact on Sagittarius – Transit of Ketu in Libra

Ketu enters the 11th house of your Kundli. Sagittarius, There will be instability in income. Money will be blocked in various places. Avoid investing money in the stock market as you may suffer some losses. The transit is good for politics and people who are trying for politics. You will meet superiors and bosses and get benefits from them. People who were trying for an administrative position will get success. Relation with friends will not be good. You may doubt your friend’s loyalty towards you. There can be financial loss concerning riends.
Remedy: Give red flag in a religious place or mandir as a donation. Do this on Tuesday.

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Impact on Capricorn – Transit of Ketu in Libra

Ketu enters the 10th house of your Horoscope. Capricorn, You will feel passionate about your work and get benefit in the profession but the relation with colleagues will not be good. Reputation in the office will be affected. The attitude of colleagues towards you will not be positive. You will get gains in your work. However, there will be a lack of career satisfaction. Some people may think of switching jobs. Relation with superiors may not be good. Avoid investing a large amount of money in expanding the business as it will not be favorable. Concentrating on the current job will be better as there will be a benefit in it.
Remedy: Consume honey water daily.

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Impact on Aquarius – Transit of Ketu in Libra

Ketu is positioned in the 9th house of your Horoscope. Aquarius, There may be problems and uncertainty in your life. You may not have the support of luck. Nothing except hard work will help you. Grandparents may have some health problems. You may like to donate things to orphanages and help the orphans. Donating to old-age homes may be beneficial for you. You may become popular with people of the opposite gender. You will get financial gains in this transit. Some of you may get inheritance or gain of ancestral property. You may travel to a foreign country.
Remedy: You can get benefit from this transit if you wear gold jewelry in your ear.

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Impact on Pisces – Transit of Ketu in Libra

Ketu enters the 8th house of your Kundli. Pisces, Your nature will become secretive and you will avoid sharing your thoughts with others not even with family members. You will get success in making policies but you may fail in executing the plans fully. Avoid earning money from hidden sources or illegal means as you may suffer from big losses in your passion for money. Don’t invest money in the stock market and avoid making any plan on speculation. Health problems especially skin disease and bacterial infection may occur. Don’t give your money on loan to anybody as you might be cheated. You may be trapped in a scam or fraud.
Remedy: Drink Kesar milk.

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