Delay in Marriage – Tulsi Vivah

Delay in Marriage

Delay in Marriage – Marriage is the most important institution in the world. Those who remained bachelors are devoid of many responsibilities in their life. From religious point of view religious rituals could only fructify if they are performed with wife. Performing them alone has no significance in Hindu religion, because one cannot pay his debts if unmarried. For example the person who is not married cannot have a bliss of child, hence cannot be liberated from the Pitririn . There are many other debts which cannot be paid in the state of bachelorhood.

Delay in Marriage

According to Shastras only those souls are liberated who have been given Mukhagni (First fire ignited after death to burn the corpse) by their sons or have donated their daughters by marriage. Any ritual like Japam, Tapam,& charity, pilgrimages, and Pooja Path if performed without wife, is not liable to grant the complete results.

Many times, at many places the reason of delayed marriage is that one is not able to find the suitable match for marriage. The boy does not like any girl. In ancient times, the head of the family or members of the family used to select the suitable bride or bridegroom. In today’s world due to the expansion of western culture in our country or due to the generation gap and high education, children like to select life partner on their own and get married without the permission of their parents.

If the match is fixed, one more problem which is generally faced, that the marriage could not materialize due to one or other reason or girl and boy are separated after marriage.

Many families suffer this tension in today’s society. Have you ever thought, why this thing happens, why one face hurdles in auspicious works. It is because of their unfair karmas with the woman either in this birth or in the birth before. They either have tortured woman or they do not respect their wives, or hate them etc. They do crime in one way or the other to a woman.

As a result they have to face problems related to women in any form in their lives. If one has done crime with mother, is devoid of happiness from mother in this birth. If one is not just to his sister / daughter, one has to face problems from their side. If one does crime to his wife in this birth, he has to face marriage related problems in next birth. These problems could be analyzed by the native’s Kundali.

Important Points for Delay in Marriage

There are some astrological yoga which cause hurdles in marriage and married life which are like these:

1. If Marak planets (Killing) are posited in Lagna, twelfth and seventh houses or combust Moon is posited in fifth house, one is devoid of marriage.

2. If Moon and Venus are posited opposite to Mars or Saturn (in Seventh house) either one is not able to get married or married life gets disturbed.

3. If in male’s Kundli, Moon and Saturn are posited in seventh house (marriage house), he does not get married or is devoid of children.

4. One’s married life is painful if in seventh house there is Mercury in Taurus, Jupiter in Capricorn, or Saturn or Mars in Pisces.

5. If Saturn, Moon and Mars are in seventh house, the native and his wife both make extramarital relations and marriage is failed.

6. If Sun is afflicted by Mars in Kundli, the married life is painful.

7. If Saturn is posited in Seventh house, married is delayed.

8. If Sun is posited in Seventh house, there is always a distance between husband and wife.

9. If the lord of fifth house and seventh house are not auspicious, one faces hurdles in getting married.

10. If seventh lord and Venus are not in favorable position one is unable to find life partner.

11. Saturn and Mars have malefic aspects on Seventh house, one faces hurdles in getting married.

In today world, girls are also ambitious and expectations are high. They dream some additional qualities in their life partner. A girls sees her spouse would be of attractive personality, prosperous, good health, educated, smart and jovial, obedient to parents, religious, absence of any kind of disability, and heredity diseases etc.

If one does not get married in spite of favoring all conditions or hurdles are created, one must worship Goddess Tulsi. The person desirous of marriage should nurture a baby Tulsi plant like own daughter. When this plant attains full growth and it starts seedlings it should be married with Shalegram (Lord Vishnu in stone form) considering it as son in law.

On Dev Uthani Ekadashi (11th Tithi) of Shukla Paksha Kartik Mas, this Tulsi plant should be adorned like a bride with saree, ornaments and get her married with the bridegroom who is in Shalegram form.

By performing this auspicious ceremony one is liberated from the sins done with woman in previous birth and one gets his desired wife and happiness in married life in this birth.

Our great astrologers and seers have strongly recommended Tulsi Vivah if one faces delay in marriage. Tulsi plant has been considered the best among all the plants, flowers, and trees on this earth used by Gods in three worlds for the purpose of benefit of mankind. Rishi Parashare has given importance to Kanyadan( donation of daughter by her marriage) and considers it as the best remedy to be liberated from the curse of woman crime.

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(1) The males who are not getting married inspite of all efforts they must offer a Tulsi leaf to Lord Vishnu every day. It has been written in our religious scriptures that the Lord Shri Hari gets appeased by a single leaf of Tulsi plant more than bathing him with thousands pitchers of nectar.

(2) If one faces delay in marriage, he must donate Tulsi plants. One gets more auspicious results by donating a Tulsi plant than donating thousand of cows.

(3) By chanting the name of Shri Hari (Lord Vishnu) with the rosary of Tulsi, One comes over the hurdles coming in marriage.

(4) Married couple who lack love& affection towards each other, and always remain in tension, they should pour water in Tulsi plant and light a Deepak morning and evening both times.

(5) One must chant Dakshakshasi Mantra ‘Shreeing Hreeing Kleeing Aing Vrindavanaye Swaha’ to appease Goddess Tulsi.

(6) For auspiciousness and prosperity one must offer – Dhoop, Ghee deepak, Sindoor, Chandan, Naivadya and Flower etc and stotra to Tulsi plant. Stotra is like this-

Vrinda Vrindavani, Vishavapujita, Vishavpawani,
Pushpsara, Nandini, Ch Tulsi, Krishjiwani.

Male who are affected due to the delays in marriage or disturbed married life after, they must offer…..

‘Tulsi Dal’ to Lord Vishnu in Kartik Mas and remember Tulsi Namashatak. By chanting ‘Tulsi Namashtak’ one comes over from all the hurdles created in marriage.

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