Transit of Jupiter in Pisces – 13th April 2022

Jupiter will enter the MeenRashi or Pisces zodiac sign on 13thApril 2022. This transit will occur at 11:23 AM. Jupiter was positioned in the Capricorn sign till now but it will enter the Pisces sign after 13th April. Pisces zodiac sign is owned by Jupiter itself so the planet will enter its sign now. Vedic astrology considers Jupiter or Guru as a planet that signifies auspiciousness and good things. The transit of Jupiter in Pisces will impact all rashi or zodiac signs in some or another way. Some signs will get benefits while some zodiac signs will get a negative result. Let’s know the effect of this transit on each sign.


Impact on Aries – Transit of Jupiter in Pisces

The planet Jupiter enters your 12th house. You may have a comfortable trip. Aries natives may become religious and plan a journey to a spiritual place. You make organize a religious ceremony or event. You will take interest in donations and charities. There can be a feeling to contribute to society. Some of you may buy unnecessary things. There can be some health problems for which you may have to spend money. You may get profit from ancestral property. Efforts for migration may be successful. If you are planning to go to another state or nation, you may get success in migrating.
Remedy: Distribute banana fruits among poor kids.

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Impact on Taurus – Transit of Jupiter in Pisces

In this transit, Jupiter will be positioned in the 11th house. People who are doing business in the stock market will gain profit. There can be benefits from hidden sources but it is better to avoid earning money from such sources or it can lead to a loss in the future. Taurus natives will get new friends. However, it is advised to be careful as friends can deceive you. Relationship with elder siblings will become better. You might help your elder brother and sisters with money. The transit is good for students. They will do their studies properly and their concentration will improve. Remedy: Do a donation of yellow dal in a mandir on Thursday.

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Impact on Gemini – Transit of Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter enters your 10th House. Your professional life will be good and you will make a mark in your work. The transit is favorable for lawyers, doctors, and businessmen who are involved in the food business. Geminis will develop acquaintance with new people in the society who are respected and have influence. The transit is good for launching a new business. Doing business in partnership will give you gains. People who are employed will have a good time. You may invest money for expanding your business. Freshers may start a new work with a partner. You will get respect in your office.
Remedy: Wear the gemstone Karelian on the index finger of your dominant hand.

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Impact on Cancer – Transit of Jupiter in Pisces

In this transit, Jupiter is positioned in the ninth house. This transit will be very good for you. If you are doing a property business, you will get a benefit. Businesspersons will get successful deals. The time is good for buying a new house or repairing the existing house. Some people may start a business of rental property. Cancer, you might earn money from renting your property. However, there can be some unnecessary expenses on travel. This can spoil the budget. Your relationship with your father will not be good and there might be some fight with him.
Remedy: Do a donation of yellow-colored garments to priests or brahmins. Do this on Thursday.

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Impact on Leo- Transit of Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter enters your 8th house. Your financial condition will improve and you will get economic gain from unknown sources. Leo, you may become religious during this time and may be able to get a teacher or guru. Your love relationship can have problems due to the interference of another person. You might suspect your partner or lover. Problems with a lover should be solved peacefully. Your health will not be good and your children also might have some health problems. The transit is good for students who are doing research. Your concentration will become better. You will do good in exams.
Remedy: Do a donation of sweets that are made of yellow-colored gram flour to kids on Thursday.

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Impact on Virgo- Transit of Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter enters the 7th house of your horoscope. The transit is favorable for Virgo. There can be some family travels. Single natives might get married. Be careful of the food you eat. Avoid sweets or it can lead to obesity. Your marital relations will be good. Family relationships will improve. Your relationship with your mother will be very good. The transit is good for people who are involved in a family business. Your reputation will increase in the market. Your business will grow and reach great heights. You will gain income and profit in business. Sources of income will increase.
Remedy: Apply Tilak of Kesar on your forehead.

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Impact on Libra- Transit of Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter enters the 6th house of your horoscope. People who are working as lawyers will get a benefit. If you want to become a chartered accountant or an administrator, this transit will be good for you. Libra natives will get a new job. You will get success in competitive exams. Some of you might get a new job. Professionals will get a high income during this transit. Your boss or superiors in the office will appreciate your work. The work atmosphere in the office will be very good. Some of you might get a new job. People who are facing serious health problems. should take care of their health.
Remedy: Do fasting on Friday and worship Maa Laxmi.

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Impact on Scorpio- Transit of Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter enters the 5th house of your Kundli. Scorpio, you will get financial gain. Sources of income will increase and you may expand your business. Your relationship with your children will become good. You may plan a recreational trip. Interest in hobbies will increase. Students will have a good time and they will do good in their studies. You will understand your topics very deeply. This will help in increasing your knowledge. If you want to get success in education, you should devote yourself to your studies. Students will get success in exams and they will get good marks in it. Scorpions will accumulate money.
Remedy: Add haldi to bath water and take bath with it.

Impact on Sagittarius- Transit of Jupiter in Pisces

Sagittarius, in this transit Jupiter will be positioned in the 4th house. You might take interest in your family and may do something for their happiness. Some people may buy a property or expand their existing homes. There can be expenses on buying household things. If you live far from your home, you might visit your family. The transit is very good for business success. You will get fame in your business. The transit is also good for students. Your teachers will admire your performance in your studies. You will get good marks in exams. Some people may purchase a vehicle.
Remedy: Wear the gemstone Topaz in the 2nd or index finger of the dominant hand.

Impact on Capricorn- Transit of Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter enters the third house of the Capricorn. The transit is favorable for you. People who are working in the field of fitness, workout, yoga, or dance will get a benefit. Your relationship with your brothers or sisters will not be good. Your relationship with your friends will also not be good. Your aggressiveness and arrogance are the main reason for this problem. Businessmen will get success only after hard work. Your relationship with your father will become better and your father will support you in your work. You may spend money for expanding your business. You may do some charity in this transit.
Remedy: Flow water on a Peepal tree but avoid touching the tree.

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Impact on Aquarius- Transit of Jupiter in Pisces

Aquarius, Jupiter enters the second house of your horoscope. You will get success and profit in business. Income will increase in the family business. Your family will support you and your relationship with them will be good. You will be able to save money. Efforts to expand the business will be successful. You will gain profit from ancestral property. You might travel with your loved ones and friends. There can be journeys together for celebrating successes. Your relationship with your colleagues in the office will be good. Also, the relationship with brothers and sisters at home will be good.
Remedy: Do fasting on Thursday and do Vishnu Puja.

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Impact on Pisces- Transit of Jupiter in Pisces

Pisces, Jupiter enters the first house of your horoscope. Your personality will become very good. You will feel confident and strong and other people will seek your advice and ask you for guidance. Be careful of your food habits as you might have a problem with obesity. Your optimism and positive feelings can help you combat problems at home and office. Relationship with life partner will be good. You might get a child during this transit. Single natives might get a partner. The transit is good for students. Teachers will support you and cooperate with you. You will get good marks in exams. Pisces natives will take interest in religion and will grow spiritually.
Remedy: Wear yellow-colored garments every Thursday.

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