Astrological Indicators for Foreign Travel

Astrological Indicators for Foreign Travel

Astrological Indicators – Travelling abroad is one of the cherished dreams of most Indians, and thanks to the blooming IT industry and the increased demand for English-efficient and conscious work-force, a large number of Indians are traveling abroad and realizing their ambition. Though I am speaking of Indians, the urge to explore new lands, to get familiarized with other cultures, and to just experience the novelty of a distant land is sure to tickle the adventure-centre of everyone’s brain. We see that some persons flourish well abroad, while instances are not wanting where the foreign jaunt is a “dream turned into a nightmare.” Let us see what hints astrology can offer on this…….

Astrological Indicators

Astrological Indicators for Foreign Travel/ Stay

Generally 9th and 12th houses of a horoscope are the relevant houses of the chart to be studied in this regard. If these houses fall in moveable signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) or water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), then there is a possibility of foreign travel (or travel over the seas!). It is obvious from the above that Cancer is a powerful sign in this regard as it is both a moveable sign and a watery sign. Thus if the 9th or 12th houses of a horoscope fall in these signs, or if the 9th or 12th house lords fall in these signs, you may deduce that foreign travel is indicated for such natives.

The motive of the foreign travel can be deduced by planetary influences. For example, if the 4th house lord of a horoscope is placed in the 9th house which happens to be a moveable sign, or a watery sign, and is conjunct the 12th house lord, you may deduce that the native will be traveling abroad for higher education (4th house stands for basic education; 9th house stands for advanced courses/ specializations).

If the 4th house lord is in the 12th house (the 12th house being indicative of foreign jaunts as discussed above), then the native may find it more auspicious to stay abroad. I have personally come across natives who feel more “at home” abroad, and they find it easier to live by Indian spiritual traditions when they live abroad than when they live in India. Inscrutable are the ways of fate and highly interesting are the astrological combinations that provide clues about destiny!

Association of 5th, 9th, and 12th lords in the dasamsha indicate traveling abroad for professional reasons. These persons are usually employed as skilled work-force (scientists, professors, etc.) abroad. If there is a Dharma-karmaathipathi yoga associated with the 12th house, the native may go on to win prestigious awards in the foreign country, and in some cases even get elected to high constitutional posts like Senator/ Governor/ Chairman of Board of Studies, etc. Curiously similar combinations will be found in the horoscopes of Indian Envoys posted abroad. Similar are the results when 10th and 12th lords of the dasamsha have mutual aspect or association.

It should be noted that while moveable signs indicate travels away from homeland and hence might indicate long stay abroad, common signs indicating foreign travel signify that the person might travel a lot to foreign lands, but there will be no extended stay there, i.e. they will visit the foreign lands on professional visits of a short duration – may be to a maximum of 5 years at a stretch and return back to the homeland.

Astrological Indicators – Periods When Foreign Travels Are Indicated

When there are adequate prospects in the natal chart for going abroad, the native may undertake foreign travels during any of the periods mentioned below,

1) Dasa/ bhukti of the 9th lord or the 12th lord, or the planets that are in association with the 12th lord (by placement or aspect).

2) Dasa/ bhukti of the planets that are associated with Moon

3) Dasa/ bhuktis of Rahu, Venus, or Moon if these planets are in the 12th house.

4) Dasa/ bhuktis of exalted/ debilitated planets in the horoscope.

5) Sub-periods of Ketu and Rahu in the major period of Rahu.

6) Jupiter bhukti in Saturn dasa (if Jupiter owns 12th house)

7) Dasa/ bhukti of the planets associated with the 9th lord.

8) When Saturn in its transit crosses the natal position of Sun.

9) When Jupiter in its transit aspects the 9th or 12th house, or aspects the 9th/ 12th house lords.

10) Foreign jaunts are experienced even during sade-sathi.

11) If the Munda – a sensitive point based on annual progressed horoscope falls in the 9th house along with other favourable transits.

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