Easy Remedies for Success in Education

Easy Remedies for Success in Education

Remedy 1: Remedies for Success – Sit facing east in a secluded place with calm and composed mind and repeat the following Doha (Couplet) 108 times using a Tulsi mala (108 bead Rosary of Basil wood) on a Wednesday at any convenient time:

Remedies for Success

‘Guru grehgayepadhanraghuraee,
Alp kaalvidya sab pai.’

Remedies for Success – Remedy 2: Hang a picture of goddess (devi) Saraswati over your study table or desk so that the picture is at your eye level while you sit for study. Before commencing study burn a stick of incense and say three times while looking at the goddess:

“Ya Devi SarvbhooteshuVidyaRoopeinSansthita,
Namastasaye, Namastasaye, NamastasayeNamoNamaha”

Remedies for Success – Remedy 3: Taking one tea spoon of juice of basil (tulsi) leaves mixed with honey in the morning after breakfast improves memory.

Remedy 4: For success in education recite the following Doha 108 times on every Wednesday at bed time:

“ ‘Chhitijalpawakgagansameera,

Remedy 5: Use yellow, orange and green colours in your study room for curtains, carpets etc. in order to fill the area with positive energy for greater concentration and interest in studies the colour green represents Mercury and it will help utilize the yellow of Jupiter and Orange of the planet Sun towards increasing intellect and interest in studies.

Remedy 6:Before commencing a study session light three sticks of incense before an image of goddess Saraswati and recite 21 times the following mantra:

‘Om Aim SarasvataiNamaha’

Remedy 7: Wear a ten-face (Dasmukhi)rudraksh bead on a red thread. You can either wear it around your neck or tie it on your right arm. This simple remedy gives clarity of thinking and concentration.

Remedy 8: If you face interruptions or failures in education then on three consecutive Wednesdays feed green fodder (preferably leaves of fresh spinach) to a cow. Feed at least 1 kilogram at a time.

Remedy 9: During examinations, if possible then daily or at least on every Wednesday recite a mala (Any rosary of 108 beads) of the mantra:

‘Om bum Budhaayenamaha’

Remedy 10: Afflicted Mercury in a birth chart can cause interruptions in education or failure in examination. Here is a remedy which can appease the planet Mercury and give success. On a Wednesday wrap some moong seeds, a few blades of green grass and five green cardamoms in a piece of green coloured cloth and offer it at a Ganesha temple.

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Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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