Remedies for Unfavorable Moon

Remedies for Unfavorable Moon – Unfavorable Moon in a birth chart can deprive you of mother’s love, interrupt education or diminish prosperity prospects. The article suggests some general remedies which helps you in making moon favourable for you.

remedies unfavorable moon

In Vedic Astrology the Moon carries utmost importance and thus must be analysed in depth in a birth chart.

Understanding Concepts of Vedic Astrology

The Moon governs the zodiac sign of Cancer and the three nakshatras (star-constellations) named Rohini, Hasta and Shravan. The Moon is exalted in Taurus and debilitated in Scorpio. The Moon is friendly towards the Sun and Mercury, neutral towards Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn and is inimical towards Rahu.

Probable Results of Unfavourable Moon

If the natal Moon is not favourable then it may give results such as follows:

– Gives ailments
– Deprives of Mother’s love and good relations
– Decreases overall prosperity in life
– Gives interruptions in education
– Gives uncontrolled emotions
– Gives anxiety or depression
– Gives baseless fears or phobias
– Gives inability to take right decisions
– Gives inability to keep good relations
– Gives lack of trust in others
– Gives clouded mentality

General Remedies for Unfavorable Moon

It is always better to get own birth chart properly analysed and then follow the precise remedies suggested by an expert. However in the meantime the following can be followed.

– Donate white clothes, fresh milk, rice, silver to a needy person especially on Mondays
– Avoid accepting gifts of silver items from others
– Recite the mantra, “Om Namaha Shivaye” for mental strength at any time
– Look after your mother or other elderly women
– Put some uncooked rice and vermillion (Sindoor) in a conch shell and place it at your altar of worship at home.
– Wear four or six faced Rudraksha bead in a white thread
– Drink water in a silver cup
– Avoid commencing long journeys on a full Moon or no Moon day.

Article by Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar