Lockdown and Zodiac Sign

lockdown and sunsign

Guide to What to do During Lockdown According to Zodiac Sign


Today all of us are feeling terrified due to the attack of Corona Virus also known as COVID-19. Due to this reason entire India and even other countries are feeling anxious and worried. If you want to get rid of this virus or want to remain protected from it then you can take some precautions according to your Zodiac Sign.

Lockdown and Aries

If you are from Aries sign then you like to remain well organized and you do not like to be dominated by others. You have the desire to remain energetic and in this way, you move forward in your personal and professional life. Thus just hold a plank and lift dumbbells to do exercises in a health club or even at your home. [Mantras for Health and Happiness] This kind of exercise could be a nice spell to you if you want to remain safe during the attack of COVID-19.

Lockdown and Taurus

You are a city-loving person and love to live an advanced lifestyle. You like to live a luxurious and natural life. You have a lot of patience and are creative. You also love listening to music. Creativity is in your blood thus during this time you can do some craft work and make some greeting cards. [Sun Signs Work Attitude, Work attitude of all Sun Signs] You may also listen to your favorite music. You may also knit a scarf with jamming.

Lockdown and Gemini

You are a curious soul plus you are one of the greatest socialists. You have a very talkative nature. Today you might be chatting with others on Twitter and Whatsapp. Thus we recommend you to do meditation. Yet we recommend you not to do hyper meditation yet you can do it according to your caliber and energy level. [Meditation for Peaceful Life] All people of the Gemini sign may do yoga exercises for at least one week. During this lockdown of Corona Virus, each day will prove to be good to learn something new for you.

Lockdown and Cancer Sign

As a Cancerian, you give first importance to your family. You may be worried about your loved ones during this crisis season. You like to spend your time in the kitchen and do some cooking activities. You can also do watching some cooking videos on YouTube. You may cook some recipes and feed them to your dear ones. You may spend some quality time in the eating room with your family. [Tips to Strengthen Your Family Bonding] If you are with your dear ones now then this could be the best mantra for you.

Lockdown and Leo

For you people of Leo stories of drama and action appeal well. These stories keep you well engaged. You are a natural-born leader. You have warm behavior and have a very vibrant personality. Right now be at home and enjoy your time here. [General and some LalKitab Tips for Enjoying Happiness] This a time of COVID-19 lockdown thus you be at home and you can read an interesting book. You may also watch a movie during this time to get entertained. If you do self-expression now then this may bring joy to you.

Lockdown and Virgo

You people of Virgo sign like to have the best nutrition. You are also very cautious about your health. You like to place things in order thus you keep things in the cupboard well. You can eat a balanced diet during this crisis time of the Corona attack. This will help you to activate those chakras with which you will remain active. [A Guide to Seven Energy Centres called Chakras]Just keep a healthy body by attending yoga classes. You may also keep a healthy mind with the help of activities like meditation.

Lockdown and Libra

You people of Libra like to do active conversations. You are the best socialites and are too chatty. Thus you can be the best when you do an argument with somebody. Thus you may talk well on chat applets like Skype and Whatsapp. You also love neat and tidiness thus during this crisis period you can do cleaning activities at home. [Let Vaastu Bring Happiness to Your Home] You can also decorate your home with decorative candles. This will refresh your mind and keep you in high spirits.

Lockdown and Scorpio

As a Scorpion person, you have to put your soul and mind to attain your goals. [A Yoga Posture for Slim-Trim Body and Healthy Mind] This is the right time to invest your energy and hard work to achieve what you want in your life. You can also use the Karaoke app and create some videos on the web-based platform. You can also write an e-book during this time of COVID-19. You can also express your aggressive emotions now and crash with your shallow emotions right now.

Lockdown and Sagittarius

As a person of Sagittarius sign, you have a very adventurous soul. You may not feel comfortable when you are confined to staying at home. You like to travel and explore new destinations. You can do some philosophical activities during this lockdown time that has arrived due to COVID-19.

Lockdown and Capricorn

Most people of Capricorn sign are very much productive. You may also meet with stress during these activities. You like to recharge your mind and soul and remain motivated. During this knockdown period, your mantra is to keep perfect balance in your life. [Mantras for Self Development]

Lockdown and Aquarius

You are a very intellectual person yet you have many choices while you converse on any topic. You have a good logic and can call up lost friends when you want them. [Astrology and Your Intelligence Level] Thus we recommend you commence a blog during this crisis time of COVID-19. You may even write a short story to stimulate the hidden writer who is within you.

Lockdown and Pisces

You people of Pisces sign are one of the most peaceful ones. You can entertain yourself during this crisis period by watching movies and drinking cocktails. [Peace of Mind through Astrology] Just play online games and feel the difference. You can also learn something new like playing any musical instrument. Take for example you can spend a nice time while playing a guitar and piano. Just compose the most melodious tunes and be happy.