Peace of Mind through Astrology

Peace of Mind through Astrology

Astrology – Peace of Mind, A strong and un-afflicted Moon gives peace of mind. Here in this article some easy remedies are suggested which if followed with faith can bestow greater peace of mind and tranquility.

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If you find that your mind is seldom at rest due to anxiety or negative thinking then you must get your horoscope analysed to find out the causes. The general remedial tips as suggested here will always help in addition to any remedies suggested by an astrologer after analyzing your horoscope.

In case you do not have your correct birth data then also you can rely upon these suggested remedies.

As per the principles of Vedic astrology Moon is the main planet which governs one’s state of mind and mind related problems.

Peace of Mind through Astrology

Just follow with faith and sincerity one or more of the following remedial tips in order to enjoy greater peace of mind and freedom from mental ailments if any:

Wear Pure Silver: The metal silver is governed by the planet Moon so wear pure silver in the form of ring, bangles, wrist band or necklace etc. The item whichever you wear must fully touch your body. You can start wearing it from a Monday after thoroughly washing it with water.

Recite Mantra: On full moon night sit comfortable in any easy posture and recite the following mantra for at least ten to fifteen minutes. I suggest reciting it for ten to fifteen minutes and not for certain number of counts. If you are asked to recite for a certain number of counts then your main focus is on completing the count. One gets more benefit by focusing on the mantra’s meaning and visualising the results.

“Om Som Somaayanamaha”

The Sanskrit word ‘Som means an intoxicating divine drink which the gods drink. The Moon in other words ‘Somaaya’ the giver of intoxicating and soothing peace-giving rays is being worshipped through this mantra.

Respect Women: Generally it is suggested to get blessings of one’s mother in order to appease Moon, but as per the author’s beliefs it will be more appropriate if one learns to respect women in general for getting more divine blessings. The Divine force which is also known as the Divine Mother is a female force and shall be pleased if one truly respects women and not only his or her own mother.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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