Let Vaastu Bring Happiness to Your Home

“A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body” Let us see how these golden words of the great Benjamin Franklin can be realised through Vaastu..


A house is a place where you live, but a home is where your heart is. The word home conveys much more personal belonging that the word house. Usually we miss our home whenever we go away and face some uneasiness or problem outside. But it is only true if our home is an abode of comforts and happiness.

There is nothing like having good relationships among various family members living at a place. But sometimes without any visible strong reasons the environment of a home becomes tense due to misunderstandings or difference of opinion among members.

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Sometimes even when all Vaastu principles are strictly followed in selection of a plot and the construction of a house the place is far from becoming a cosy and blissful home. The basic reason behind this sort of problem is associated with the nature of energies flowing in that premises.

Enhancing Positive Energies of Premises …

Two types of natural energies exist all around us. One is the positive energy with attributes of ever new joy, contentment, inspiration and creativity; abode of God.

The other type is the negative energy which is depressive, distressful, constricting, dissatisfying, confusing and in short an abode of Satan.

These five easy to follow tips can replace the negative energies at your place with the positive energy.

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Tip 1: Raise Vibrations of Your Place

Free your premises of any unpleasant odours and rubbish by keeping it clean and well ventilated. Each place has some basic vibration which can be raised in order to make the environment positive, progressive and joy giving. This can be achieved by burning thick sticks of incense. Select a brand or type which after burning gives you peace and good feeling.

Tip 2: Remove Clutter

Clutter consisting of rubbish, discarded items etc. in a premises is potent source of attracting negative energies. Vaastu warns about clutter in the central part of a plot or premises, but clutter anywhere in a house is not recommended.

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Tip 3: Improve Air Circulation

Air not only contains oxygen but also life giving Prana energy which is subtle vital energy. Prana is essential for our life and without it life is not possible. Inside our body prana in five different forms viz. Prana, Apana, Biyana, Udanaand Samana controls and run various bodily functions. A well ventilated premise will be full of Pranic energy.

Tip 4: Light-up the Dark areas

Places in a premise which always remain dark or deprived of daylight become full of negative energies. Try to keep such place, if any in a house, filled with daylight or artificial light especially for some time at dusk.

Tip 5: Attract Positive Energy

No matter what you do you may not be able to free an area completely of negative energies. Therefore each member of a house should develop ability to attract positive energies instead of the negative energies. This can be done by controlling thoughts especially the idle thoughts.

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Always think positive and good for others. Our brain is a transceiver of thoughts. It transmits our thoughts as well as receives other’s thoughts.

By transmitting good and positive thoughts towards others we develop ability to receive similar thoughts and thus attract more and more positive energy.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar