Mantras for Health and Happiness

Mantras are capsules of mystic power capable of transforming a person……


A mantra is a form of prayer. It is combination of words with sacred meaning which when repeatedly recited with concentration can build up powerful vibrations. By repeated recitations the truth contained in the mantra sinks into the subconscious and desired results are accomplished in due course of time.

As there are mantras which generate good vibrations there are also mantras which one can use for causing harm to others. But let me here quote the golden words of warning from the greatest seer of our time Dr. Lobsang Rampa,

“He who digs a grave for another may fall in it” It has been observed that mantras used with ill intentions always act as a boomerang and return with added bad effect on the one reciting these with bad intentions.

But here in this article I wish to describe only good and positive mantras which aid health and happiness.

Before I describe some mantras for health and happiness I would like to clarify some important points regarding recitation of mantras.

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The Best Time for Recitation…

The best time for recitation of any mantra is when you feel physically and mentally relaxed and are in a calm state of mind. You need full concentration and interest and that is possible only when your mind is calm and body is relaxed.

Suppose you feel agitated due to some reason then first of all take a deep and smooth breath through nostrils and exhale smoothly through open mouth over a much longer period of time. Repeat these for a couple of times till your mind settles-down only then start recitation.

For recitations sit in any posture which is most comfortable, also select a place where no one will disturb you during your recitations.

Number of Recitations…

There is no doubt that the numbers of recitations for any mantra is important, but your eagerness to reach a certain number of counts may shift your focus from concentrating upon the meaning of what you are reciting which is more important. So I suggest that you forget about counting the recitations and focus on what you are reciting and feel the power being generated.

If you are getting the results and feel good then automatically you will be encouraged to prolong your recitations. Always remember that the quality of recitations is more important than the quantity.

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Use of Rosary during Recitation…

There is so much misguidance regarding use of a rosary (mala). Its purpose is no more than keeping a check on the count of recitations. If you decide to use a rosary then make sure that its beads (whatever material they are made of) are smooth and round so that the feel is good and does not cause irritation. It is best not to use a rosary so that your complete attention is on the words of the mantra.

Mantras for Health and Happiness…

Mental peace is very essential to keep the, chemical and electrical system of our body and brain, in healthy and balanced state.

It will be appropriate to quote here from a book by the great seer Dr.Lobsang Rampa, “If you think peace you will have peace. If you think ease, you will have ease. We will say to you by way of concluding this Lesson that if people would devote ten minutes out of every twenty-four hours to this, the doctors would go bankrupt for they would not have nearly so much illness to deal with!”

Peace Mantra: Here is a most effective peace mantra as given by the greatest seer Lobsang Rampa, I quote here from his book,“Lie down, let yourself relax. Lie down and shuffle about a bit so that no muscle, no part of you is under tension.

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Lightly clasp your hands together and breathe deeply and regularly. As you breathe think in rhythm with the breathing “Peace-peace-peace.” If you will practice that you will find that a truly divine sense of peace and tranquility will steal over you.”

If you follow the above advice then within a short time, say about three months, you will be healthy and happy.

Shanti Mantra: The following mantra if repeated with concentration and faith will shine the light of spiritual awareness in times of ignorance generated darkness, making you fearless, healthy and happy.

“Om AsatoMaa Sad-Gamaya,
Om ShaantihShaantihShaantih”

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Maha-mrituinjay Mantra:This mantra is a prayer to the spirit governing us for uniting us with our ever existing eternal form which is beyond physical suffering, disease and death.

“Om TryambakamYajaamahe
Urvaarukam-Iva Bandhanaan

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar