General and some LalKitab Tips for Enjoying Happiness

As per John Barrymore, “Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn’t know you left open”. But if your ignorance has closed all doors then these simple tips of the wonder book will help you open a door welcoming Happiness!


LalKitab is a wonderful book whose simple remedies or tips have been time tested for effectiveness.

There is lot of mystery about the true origin of this book; however it is believed that Pundit Roop Chand Joshi of Punjab (India) wrote the original five volumes in Urdu as below between the years 1939 to 1952:

1) LalKitab Ke Farman in 1939
2) LalKitab KeArman in 1940
3) LalKitab third part in 1941
4) LalKitab Ke Farman in 1942
5) LalKitab in 1952

As per the simple wisdom of this wonder book malefic Mars can cause disputes and troubles, Rahu can cause troubles, misunderstandings, fears and anxiety. Ketu under negative effect can cause lack of comforts and luxuries and Jupiter under negative effects can robe you of happiness and wealth.

Just in case you are being chased by the negative and dragging forces and your happiness is stolen by frequent disease, obstacles and difficulties and fights and disputes then here are some simple Tips from LalKitab and other sources, which sure will help you overcome difficult situations and bring in more happiness in your life.

To pacify angry Mars on every pratipada (1st lunar date) feed a sweet tandoory (tandoor is an Indian style oven) chapatti to animals.

In order to appease Rahu give strength to Moon by using silver utensils for eating and drinking water.

Negative effects of Rahu can be overcome by eating meals while sitting in the kitchen.

If you clear clutter from your home then Rahu becomes favourable.

Dispose-off all not working and irreparable items in order to have favours of Rahu
• Appease Jupiter by respecting elders; this will bring in more happiness and money.

• To have luxuries and male progeny feed stray dogs and never hurt them.

• Strengthen Jupiter by sharing your food with animals such as cows, dogs, cats, monkeys and crows etc.

To get favours of Saturn donate a pair of shoes to a poor person on a Saturday.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar