Meditation for Peaceful Life

Untamed mind is the root cause of so many anxieties and lack of peace. Meditation disciplines the unruly mind………


The general wrong impression about meditation is that it is difficult to do and you need to learn by paying huge fees. Meditation is so simple and with a little effort it can easily become routine like taking a bath or feeding the body.

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Why Meditation is Necessary?

A human being is not only the physical body; there are subtler bodies inside the coarse outer physical body. These subtle bodies control the physical body and its functions through the commands of the over-self.

Human mind is very powerful and has two levels; the conscious and the sub-conscious. The conscious mind is only one tenth of the whole the rest nine tenths is the sub-conscious. A normal human has no conscious access to the sub-conscious.

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The sub-conscious is a store house of knowledge and has tremendous powers. The conscious mind works when we are awake. The untamed conscious mind of a normal human is restless and is busy in thoughts all the time. Anxieties and fears are result of uncontrolled thoughts of past and future.

Meditation pacifies the conscious mind and also gives access to the sub-conscious mind. In deeper states of meditation one goes into trance state. With regular practice of meditation the conscious mind is disciplined and latent occult powers are aroused.

Posture for Meditation

Any posture in which you can sit with erect spine and still feel comfortable is the right posture. Sitting in lotus posture may be difficult for many so don’t sit in that posture. You can sit in vajraaasana on a soft mat or sit on a chair or sofa with legs hanging down and feet resting on mat on floor.

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How to Meditate?

Always meditate empty stomach; if you meditate after meals then you may fall asleep. Wear loose fitting comfortable dress for meditation. Wearing black cotton clothes and covering head with black cloth or cap will shield you from distracting earth currents.

Sit in a place where nobody will disturb you. Light a thick stick of your favourable incense for raising the vibrations of the space around you.

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Take a couple of deep smooth breaths and exhale over a longer time. This will calm you down. Concentrate on thoughts of harmony and peace. Visualize that everybody is happy and rejoicing. Send thoughts of peace, harmony and happiness to all. Then after a while stop all thoughts and go blank or just watch your breath.

With a little practice you will begin to experience state of deep relaxation and tranquillity and your life will fill with peace and harmony. Keep sitting in meditative state as long as you desire and then finish it.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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