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Gemini Tarot DailyGemini Tarot Daily – Free Daily Tarot Reading Prediction for Gemini by our Tarot Expert Sanjana Mittal. Truthstar predicts what the stars hold for Gemini today.

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Gemini Tarot Daily Reading January 12, 2019 – January 15, 2019

Gemini Tarot Daily – January 12, 2019

Gemini – Card of the Day – 2 wands

You are suspected to be in and out of meetings, co-operating plans, and ample conversations. If you are in wait for the outcome of the efforts. It is the best day. If you are in import and export venture, it’s a great deal today. A foreign assignment will be in the pipeline. Be confident in your work. You will join an old dealer or organization.

Gemini Tarot Daily – January 13, 2019

Gemini – Card of the Day – The Devil

It is best to avoid extremes in food, expenses, emotions and different areas of life to keep up the balance at intervals inside and outside. Negative energies are active this day. You will feel stuck and restricted in every endeavor. A feeling of helplessness and despair may persist. You concern the worst, and this implies that your fears have control over you and stop you from leading a lot of fulfilling and optimistic life. Don’t get into addiction so as to lose your tension.

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Gemini Tarot Daily – January 14, 2019

Gemini – Card of the Day – 9 Cups

A vast fulfilling time is foretold with lovers on the romantic front. Your mood is probably going to be lighter and additional positive these days. You wish relaxation and pleasure and prorogue any activity from your side. Enumeration your blessings, living within the moment and enjoying the nice things that life needs to provide are on the cards. You do have plenty to be happy concerning and it should increase your feeling of deep happiness and fulfilment.

Gemini Tarot Daily – January 15, 2019

Gemini – Card of the Day – The World

You get the possibility to fulfill people you had not met late. It’s your trust, passion and inner power that produces a relationship run stronger for extended. You will discover your partner who always gives respect you all the time. You will be able to seize your today. You will be able to maximize the items that matter- health, wealth, career, family and love all told areas of life. Working women feel satisfaction as they feel able to manage individual and family finances.

Gemini Tarot Daily Reading January 16, 2019 – January 20, 2019

Gemini Tarot Daily – January 16, 2019

Gemini – Card of the day – Queen of Swords
The sturdy Gemini’s need to be a bit careful about their behaviour, especially with the ones, that matter to you. Your critical and straight forward approach may not be appreciated by everyone. Emotionally you might find yourself a little insecure, but your presence would be demanded at the workplace. Do not expect the people around you to reciprocate your actions and reactions. You need to be proactive today to identify any such situation that may later crop up as a problem for you. Try being a little cordial as there might be somebody who seeks your help.

Gemini Tarot Daily – January 17, 2019

Gemini – Card of the Day – 5 Pentacles
The card suggests you to be careful as far as money, power and prestige are concerned. You need to stick to the earth. Even a small mistake can land you in guilt. You are advised to take care of your health and your parents health as well. You might find yourself in some financial crisis during an emergency, but would not find a helping hand. Remain cautious as the cards show a loss of a relationship or money.

Gemini Tarot Daily – January 18, 2019

Gemini-Card of the day-5 cups

Love life may give you some hurdles & even the love relations are in trouble this week. You will feel alone &under depression. Possibly your partner may create some issue in your relations, even you may face the situation of separation in your family. You need more focus on your professional life. You need to focus yourself. This is not the right time for any new start up or relations.

Gemini Tarot Daily – January 19, 2019

Gemini-Card of the day-Knights of wands

It’s the right time frame to make our self focus towards our goal. This is the positive time from your energy & concentration point of view. Your thoughts are more creative this time to hit the right target in your favor. You will face a busy schedule in personnel & professional front but you will get a sufficient time to manage the both. Others have a positive opinion about you. You may purchase some property this week.

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Gemini Tarot Daily – January 20, 2019
Gemini – Card of the Day – Queen of cups
Small issues may make you shed tears as you are a bit possessive in your romantic matters. You need to be surrounded by your friends today to keep you occupied because the attitude of your spouse or loved one might bother you. It’s the best day to confess your feelings to your admired one. Ladies, you need to take care of your health today. Health issues of thyroid, hormones, cold and cough might aggravate today. The philosophical Gemini’s would like to spend some time in isolation.

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